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Accidental Woman [v1.17.1 Cheats]


Accidental Woman Latest Version: Ongoing Adult xxx Porn Game Download For Windows, MAC, Linux with Walkthrough. Download And Play Free 18+ Adult Games Only On 18AdultGames.

About “Accidental Woman” Game

Accidental Woman is an interactive fiction life sim game for adults. It’s built in Twine Sugarcube, and can be played on most OSes and smartphones. In the game, you take the role of a recently single and unemployed man who takes the offer of a longtime friend to move to the secluded town of Appletree. Due to an unfortunate accident, you find yourself completely transformed into a woman, and will have to deal with far more than just transitioning to small-town life!​



Words: 3,249,020 (22,132,631 characters)
Code: 161,575 lines of TypeScript
Images: 720 new female portrait images courtesy of CowBot
Don’t forget to check out the incremental change log from version 1.16 to see all the bug fixes and changes since 1.16!

  • The Buzzword bar has been added to East Downtown.
    • Original concept by Jimbo, written by Krysis
    • Body writing themed location where the waitresses get written on. It’s pretty fun.
    • Not finished, but there are several things you can see over subsequent visits.
  • Cleanup of 15min Time Status process that manages many time-based mechanics for your character. This included some improvements and fixes to make it work better and behave a little more predictably.
  • New Transformative System
    • Transformatives are managed centrally with supporting functions, with object-based format for easy addition of new transformatives.
    • Transformative display for active transformatives icons and text in the character status menu.
    • Transformatives are split into three main parts. An active effect, nightly effects, and permanent effects.
      • Active effects are checked during the standard time status process every 15 game minutes, and are meant to do things like maintain a minimum arousal or other ongoing effects that couldn’t easily be done before.
      • Nightly effects are for the major body changes as a result of the transformative, and they output custom text describing the changes.
      • Permanent effects are for things that are maintained even after the transformation is over, and include both active and nightly effects.
        • Example: a permanent minimum arousal
        • Example: a minimum level of muscle tone
    • Nightly effects are displayed (if they occur) after sleeping, and are described as if the player is discovering or noticing the changes in the morning after waking up.
    • Enabled backward compatibility of transformative data.
      • for pre 1.17 games
      • for old games updating to new versions with newer transformatives.
    • Added key transformative data to game save.
  • Three new transformatives utilizing the new system.
    • cute new cow icons for these <3
    • Bovinex has been reworked to use the new system, as it is essentially exactly the kind of thing it’s meant for.
      • Bovinex has had several changes and tweaks to its effects, and is now more clear on what it’s actually doing to you.
      • Bovinex now lasts 7 days.
    • Pre-Treatment has been added.
      • The initial cocktail of drugs intended to get you ready to turn into a hucow. It’s length is variable and depends on how long it takes you to get ready.
        • Characters more closely matching the Farm Coop’s ideal candidate will have a shorter duration, potentially as short as 1 day.
      • Effects all described as they occur, but generally more mild than the full Treatment.
      • Causes temporary impotence.
      • Maintains a slightly heightened level of arousal.
      • impacts hucow stats
    • Treatment has been added.
      • Huge transformative lasting 16 game days.
      • Contains a number of changes, with new things happening each day.
      • First example of a drug with zoned changes, where player variables approach a desired zone from either direction.
      • Causes temporary impotence.
      • Changes a wide variety of character variables in order to turn them into a hucow.
      • Adds three new mutations to the player.
      • Maintains a moderately heightened level of arousal, which calms to a permanent light increase to arousal.
      • Breasts turn into udders and grow.
      • Impacts hucow stats
      • Has permanent effect where wearing clothes on upper body causes penalties to the player due to sensitive udders.
      • Other permanent effects need to be added…
  • Male sterility and impotence effects added to the game.
    • Impotence prevents player from gaining an erection.
      • Currently does not prevent sex… but neither does having a micro penis. This will have to be corrected in next update.
    • Sterility prevents player from producing sperm.
    • Can be used as temporary or permanent/reversable effects.
  • Paper doll clothes now have levels of transparency that happen when the clothing item has a high level of exposure, letting you know that the item exposes more and/or allows access to key body areas.
  • Further adjustments and tuning to lactation
    • Breast size due to lactation
    • Hucow-specific milk capacity calculation
    • standard milk capacity calculation
    • milk production rates
  • New event with “Mama” (Clarabelle) on day two at the Dairy
    • Explains how the dairy schedule works, and reveals more about the character.
  • Initial pre-treatment meeting with Doc Mya
    • Explains the pre-treatment and a little about the Treatment.
    • Informs player about what parts of their body need work to be ready for the treatment, with a lot of variations based on the player’s specific variables.
    • Answers questions the player may have about pre-treatment or treatment.
    • Starts the actual pre-treatment transformative.
  • Recurring pre-treatment meeting with Mya, where she talks about your progress.
  • Three new mutations added to the game.
    • These are used presently with lactation, but have intended uses elsewhere as well.
    • They are split into three instead of just “is hucow” because that way other effects could use them. (transformative expansion, if chosen, will have lots of new mutations and transformatives that use them)
    • These are listed on the character menu under special mutations.
    • Udders: denotes that the player has the structurally different breasts, used for milk capacity and tie-ins. Also used to describe the breast’s shape with unique hucow shape.
    • Teats: denotes special dimpled teat with lots of milk ducts for higher milk flow rate. Affects milking speed. Affects nipple pleasure (sex act pleasure NYI)
    • Orgasmic Breasts: denotes sensitivity of breast and enhanced ability to orgasm from breast/nipple stimulation. Affects rate of orgasm and multiple orgasm from milking.
  • There is now a dress code for hucows, which basically requires that you don’t wear any clothes on your upper body. Dress code is only in the Dairy during job time.
    • Extreme-exposure (50) tops are technically allowed
    • Wearing a top or bra will trigger an event with a farm hand who chastises you. The first time is a warning if you are new, afterward there are behavior stat consequences.
  • Initial rules break functions code and data
    • tracking broken rules, and time of occurrence, and applying consequences.
    • Used for disciplinary content, stat change, and regaining/losing behavior points.
    • A centralized place to allow better balancing and adjustment for difficulty level.
  • central scaling data to allow balancing and altering difficulty levels from a central location.
    • Needs to be expanded with user-friendly getter properties to automatically use relevant values.
  • Lots of changes to the job system specifically for hucows.
    • Handling of job work choices.
    • Unique changes to how standard events are handled.
    • New social event system which plays a daily event based on hucow stats and work choices.
      • Events occur only when a higher priority standard event does not occur.
      • Includes four possible outcomes, with mechanics to choose tied into stats and choices implemented.
      • Currently no content for these, so a simple generic event message is used describing the types of events that would have happened had they been written.
      • For event-based stat changes such as a hypnosis session
      • Includes a cute farm hand image.
    • New job task handling code setup, prepped for milk and stat mechanics to be implemented in future update.
      • intended for more systematic stat changes
      • will be used for milk production and related mechanics.
  • dynamic check for readiness to begin treatment
  • Hucow stats implemented.
    • Four new stats specific to hucows. Behavior, Autonomy, Compliance, and IQ.
      • Stats explained in game.
    • Now display in character/status or social/career menu.
      • IQ is a hidden stat, so cannot be seen directly.
    • Parsers created for Behavior and Compliance stats.
    • Basic stat for herd opinion added, but not implemented.
      • Semi-hidden stat where only threshold values are viewable, primarily inferred via interaction with other hucows.
  • New Social/Career menu for hucows showing more relevant information like milk quota, behavior, etc. and not showing irrelevant info.
  • Changes to the Character/Status menu.
    • Status bars adjusted to be more concise with 2 fewer bars.
    • Slightly reorganized to be more logically arranged.
    • Hucows now have Compliance and Autonomy displayed on these stat bars.
    • Status effect window now seamlessly displays transformatives if they are in effect and if the specific transformative is set to display.
  • Hucow Difficulty added.
    • Specific difficulty setting for hucow content that operates separately from standard difficulty mechanics.
      • Used to tune your hucow experience to be more friendly/easy or more realistic/hard. (or just fap mode, so you can do whatever)
    • Difficulty setting selector created.
      • Includes detailed description of what each difficulty level means.
  • Hucow Tutorial added to end of Day 2 hucow job content.
    • Explains the hucow stats.
      • What they mean
      • What they do
      • General concept of what makes them change
      • Consequences to high/low values.
    • Explains some other basic info about being a hucow.
  • Cowbux expansion
    • Cowbux now have their own unique color and icon.
    • Now have central cowbux object and some initial function defs
  • Initial orientation now takes proper account of if the player started the game with hucow as a job choice, or applied later.
  • Capture of initial character data for genetic purposes at end of prolog.
    • used primarily for hucow stuff now, but can also be useful for future transforms.
  • Calculation function which determines the character’s “Breast Growth Index” or general ability to grow breasts as a hucow based on multiple factors.
    • Used in transformatives to allow better breast growth algorithms for more realistic/predictable behavior not heavily based on RNG or simple percentages.
  • Some fixes to initial orientation text, and description of hucow stages.
  • Added child-heal treatment.
    • Given to player during day two if they previously had a child.
    • Includes expanded conversation with doc mya
    • status effect that is unpleasant for the player over 3 days until their body thinks they’ve never been pregnant.
  • Sunshine now has a image in the orientation
    • Also a better NPC portrait image!
  • Expanded the fertility setting function that bulk sets female fertility factor values based on a numeric fertility level.
    • Instead of overwriting old values, it now takes into account previous values.
    • If fertility score is increasing, will only alter a fertility factor if the new value is higher than the old value.
    • If fertility score is decreasing, will only alter a fertility factor if the new value is lower than the old value.
    • This means a bulk increase from a treatment/effect/mutation won’t “reset” a specific factor that’s higher if the player worked on increasing it.
    • reduced randomization of individual factors
  • Changes to character creation menu
    • A button option removed and put on the initial page.
    • Button spacing adjusted
    • Allow all buttons to fit onto sidebar without scrolling
  • New hucow job wallpaper.
    • I’ve gotten better and better and making hucows using AI.
    • This wallpaper is pretty nice.
  • Added an arousal record to the game.
    • Same functionality as other stat records such as satisfaction, happiness, or bimbo.
    • Only records changes to arousal from systemic causes, does not include event-based arousal changes.
    • Intended to help player find long-term/recurring arousal sources.
  • Added “The Hucow Treatment” pamphlet item to the game.
    • non-consumable inventory with item image
    • given by doc mya
    • can be read. Includes a large amount of content explaining the history and effects of the treatment. Also a larger image of the hucow on the pamphlet cover.
    • Useful info without forcing the player to read it.
  • Cleared up scenes with getting caught stealing from Oleg, making the resolution more obvious.
  • Major change to starting breast size at character creation.
    • Went with fixed CC caps regardless of band size, with minor extra cup restriction for very small bands that require starvation weights.
      • Previously was cup-based limit based on band size.
    • More fair, works better.
  • A certain someone released a timeCock into the world.
    • The dates in the game have mysteriously moved forward 10 years.
    • 42 is a cooler number anyway, so I didn’t fix it.
    • Actually a better timeline fit given the current year, even if it’s a different universe, people compare the time to our time, and 32 feels too soon now.
  • 3.9% less Anenn fuckups.
  • Major alteration to Lactamax and Mammarex drugs.
    • Nerfed the amount that they’ll grow your breasts significantly.
      • Mammarex is still based on initial size, so will have better results with larger starting size.
      • Mammarex still improves in effectiveness (and bimbo gain) with each subsequent dose.
    • Now will result in more realistic/less extreme breast growth. For growing breasts a more moderate amount to gain some cup sizes, instead of massive inflation.
    • Note: Bovinex size gain also nerfed.
  • Added new drug Estratitol
    • Can be found in medical district research area in the Russia Medicine store.
    • Causes rapid massive breast size gain.
      • For those players who want the mega mommy milkers they used to get with Mammarex/Lactamax combo.
    • Has a cool advert image.
    • Has a cool consumable inventory description and image
    • Some fun little text when you wait for it to work, and it actually kicks in.
    • Also causes a lot of bimbo gain.
  • Added Russia Medicine store to the game in the medical district research area.
    • Has a helpful “employee” named Gregor (with picture!)
      • May or may not work for Oleg “Besty” Bestyovich (Russian Mafia)
  • Placeholder scene for starting the Treatment.
  • Hucow Semen-Rich Diet
    • Hucows get benefits similar to cumplete due to their semen-rich diet.
    • Will result in semen addiction, but addiction is constantly fed with meals so has no negative impacts on the player.
    • Causes positive status effects.
  • Adjustment to pussy wetness mechanic.
    • Works better with arousal and spread of wetness values.
    • Less flood situation just from having wetness 4/5, now more responsive to arousal level.
    • Added additional threshold so femlube gradient is smoother.
  • Adjustment to arousal parser to add one additional level description and better match the meaning of the values.
  • Fixed map text system so it will now properly display the possible events for tertiary map locations instead of always using primary or secondary location to drive event text.
  • Added hucow bed to hucow dorm after hucow job start.
  • Whole new milking function for hucows
    • Output text is still placeholder, but the mechanics work.
    • For milking using the milking stations that are in the dorm room or other possible places.
  • Added hucow dorms to home inventory system so drag/drop interface works properly.
  • Added hucow dorm as viable location for “sleep” action button.
  • Changed time threshold for “sleep” action button to be 9pm instead of 10pm.
    • Not sure who’d go to bed that early in the real world, but it’s helpful in AW for those jobs with earlier start times.
  • Added “Sunshine 69” action to the hucow dorms bedroom.
    • Temporary cheat type action to boost all your non-hucow stats to make it easier to move quickly through the transformation content.
  • Lots of new location content added to the hucow areas of the farm coop.
    • REMINDER: we still have a lot of work to do with this, so the content/locations are not in their final form. However, it all works/is usable. Just gotta build this stuff up one paw at a time.
    • Spa center:
      • Scenes for pool, sauna, massages.
      • You can hear some interesting gossip from other hucows.
    • Cinema
      • Exists.
    • Crafting Space
      • Meet a hucow that loves crafting but is horrible at it.
      • Unleash your creativity and try making a sweater, a flower arrangement for your flat or even sculpt a dildo!
        • Sweater can be worn.
        • Flower arrangement can be placed.
        • Dildo does dildo things.
    • Pond area
      • You can go swimming or get a suntan nearby.
    • Eat at several cafe/restaurant stuff in the barn complex.
    • Escape the dorm paddock via a tunnel under the fence.
      • Can fail if your boobs are too big.
        • You can end up getting stuck with some fun consequences.
      • Besty also thinks you should fail just because, so there’s a RNG if you make it or not.
    • Random map texts for the various map areas now appear.
    • Take a peak at upcoming classes in the barn area.
    • Workout at the gym in the barn area.
  • Dorm room is mostly functional
    • Milking works
    • Sleeping works
    • Cleaning works
    • Inventory works
    • Still needs some work, but is functional.
  • Various minor fixes and such.



– Extract to the desired location.
– Click on “Game.html” to start playing.

Game Info:

Tags: 2DCG, Real Porn

Release date: 2023-07-11

Developer/Publisher: Thaumx

Game Engine: HTML

Censorship: Uncensored

Version: 1.17.1 Cheats [Ongoing]

Platform: Windows, MAC, Linux

Language: English


2DCG, Anal Sex, Animated, BDSM, Character Creation, Female Protagonist, Futa/trans, Male Protagonist, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Force, Real Porn, Sci-fi, Simulator, Text Based, Transformation, Vaginal Sex.

Accidental Woman Walkthrough


Not available.


Accidental Woman Game Download

Windows / Mac / Linux


Size: 405 MB


Game Credits

Thaumx Patreon – WebSite

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