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About “Renryuu: Ascension” Game

This game follows the story of Ryen, a half-dragon-half-human. After some sudden events, Ryen becomes the King of his country and starts his duties as the King in the castle while also traveling around when needed to take care of many problems inside and outside of the country.​



– New brawler battles for Brad. One in the tower east of Kagabanui, one in the tower slightly south of the first tower, and after those two battles you can challenge their master in Lalizan.
– In “Act 1” of the time skip events, the military commanders of the other nations are introduced in multiple events. A lot of them appear in casual clothes, while they will wear other outfits during the war phase.
[You can access the test version of the time skip content when you interact with the sparkling book in Ryen’s bedroom in the castle of Aldlyn by selecting the “Time skip preview” option.] – The new military commanders have short dialogs before and after some of the battles in Begus during the war act of the time skip preview events. You can get these dialogs by using the icon over Aldlyn to replay the battles. (Terese near Parverhill, Robin at the border near Ironholm Prison, Godfreed near Witton, and the other three in the battle of Calterburry)
– New event in the time skip act “Preg.” It appears as a sparkling icon over Newkungu in Dorgania when both Shanna and Naomi are pregnant and married to you. After this event, the same sparkling icon will appear in the “Birth” act, and give you a CG scene with the two foxgirl sisters.

– The lightning brawler Sparky, which you can meet in the Black Twin Towers of Honor, has a full body CG image now. She was added to the CG room page “Others 2.”
– New full body CG and character sprite for Flaire, the leader of the Thremten thieves guild.

– Fixed a bug in Tsiom’s event, which prevented you from progressing Brad’s story with her when you changed to the level 200 class before doing her event.
– Changed watchtowers on the worldmap to be “below” players, so that you can walk through them.
– Fixed an issue with randomized battles in the black twin towers of honor.


– In Act 4 of the time skip, a !-icon appears at Aldlyn, which triggers an event to unlock a new area in the top left corner of the map.
– The new area will introduce several new characters.
– The events serve to teach you more about legendary monstergirls, and to introduce characters needed for the war phase later in the time skip.
– The fairies on the special island in the brexeet isles were changed to have the same appearance as the fairies in the new area.

– In Lalizan, when you chase Kippy, she now moves on the spot she is hiding behind the palm tree, to make it easier to find her.
– When Kippy is hiding behind the palm tree, a new npc appears near the tent next to her. This slave trader is meant to guide you into that area where Kippy is hiding, but also sells you a slave with a CG scene. The trader stays in this location, even when you advanced Kippy’s event. You just need Kippy’s event to make him appear.
– The scene of the slave trader gives you a choice, which decides whether you see the CG scene or not, but the outcome is the same, as the slave will end up in your castle either way. She’ll be in one of the rooms in the bottom of the sleeping chambers, where Coral and Lace can also be. It’s possible to replay the CG scene of the slave regardless of which choice you picked.

– Added a new full body CG image for Earthspirit in the forest of Ebron.
– The CG for the scene with Earthspirit was remade, and the text changed to fit to the new images better. You can check all of the new CGs in the CG room, and replay the scene to see the new text. (CG room page “Non-human 3”)
– Added a remake of the full body CG of the Firespirit, including a version without flames. The new images can be seen in the CG room page “Non-human 3.”

– Changed the system of the red and blue flame in Lielle’s treasure dungeon (with Tourax) to reduce lags due to parallel processes in the background.
– The caravaan trader to buy usable items for the vanguards and exchange artifacts is back. It was gone after the recent changes to the overview map, since the old trading screen was removed. It’s now available again as an icon near Aldlyn.
– Fixed the text of Battle/Protection/Magic Knowledge, and Rune Stone research, to show the correct amount that you produced.
– Fixed a bug that caused the old overview map UI to appear after vanguard battles.
– Fixed a bug which caused f-Grey to stay in your group when leaving Fürstenstein in a certain way.
– Fixed a bug with the sparkling speech bubble icons for requests on the country management map. In saves in which they were unusable, using the “turn end” button once will reset the request icons and fix the issue.
– Fixed an issue with the alchemy table in Whisperwind Farm, which caused the quest “Armor Breaking” not to finish properly. People who have the quest not marked as done due to this bug can use the teleport orb item to get the quest log updated.


The main focus in this version was to change the country management map back to a turn system, and to improve the overall performance, since areas like the sneak mission with Elly below the church of Calterburry caused lags and freezes for multiple people. I originally planned to make those changes later, but the performance of the game seemed too important to keep delaying it.

General changes:
– New events with Grey in act 1 of the time skip preview. Requires the “beach scene” which unlocks after her events with the female adventurer trio. The event is split into multiple short parts, which are shown with sparkling icons on the map. (Make sure you’ve selected act 1.)
– New scene with Mira in the act “Preg.” of the time skip. Requires that Mira is pregnant and that you’re married with her.
– Cheat skill to reduce a monsters HP to 1. (Available in the sparkling book in Ryen’s bedroom. Works on the same enemies as the debug attack skill.)
– Fixed a bug with Mirel’s skilltree after class change.
– Slightly changed the system in the background for the sneak mission in the church of Calterburry to get Elly’s gun, as the amount of parallel processes caused lags for some peole.
– The “Health” and “Mind” values of Lace on her bad route in the prison is now restored when you re-enter the secret prison from the hidden bedroom. Previously it slowly increased over time.
– If you pick the option not to watch Lielle in the lake near Ebron, she’ll now return when you re-enter the area twice, instead of appearing again after some minutes.

Country management map:
– On the country management map, when you interact with the big star icon to collect taxes, it now also gathered all values like freedom, faith, etc all at once from all buildings that increase them, and gives you the buffs if the value for the variable is at 100. This means, you don’t have to gather them all by themselves, one by one, anymore
– Removed the system of “construction teams” which limited how many constructions you can do at once on the country managemet map.
– The real time system of constructions, researches, and so on, was changed back to a turn system, as it used to be.
– You need “Logistic Points” to advance a turn on the overview map. They are automatically generated all 2,5 mins after you entered the management for the first time after this update. The “Logistic Points” are generated limitless, so the longer you do other things, the more turns you have available to do things on the country management map.
– The new building “Logistic Center” can the constructed in the south of Central to generate an additional Logistic Point every 2,5 mins. (And there is a delegate who gives an additional points every 5 mins.
– An icon with a joker card near the turn end button allows to cheat yourself +100 Logistic Points.
– New “management screen” which gives you an overview of what resources you’re producing, what researches are in progress, allows you to hire and appoint some delegates for bonuses, and several other things.
– The UI of resources stored was removed. Instead, you’re now shown how many of the resources you have stored in the text that mentions them. For example, if a trade offers “20x Iron [5] for 30x Budget [60]” it means that you have 5 Iron in your storage, and 60 Budget available.
– Vanguards academy training +50 experience once per turn now.
– Added a new extra training for vanguard squads. The icon appears near the barracks of the vanguard forces after 6-12 turns and requires the upgrade of the academy and the vanguard system to be unlocked. The training costs 40x Budget and gives +50 experience for a squad up to the max level 10, and then has a cooldown for 3-6 turns.
– The following resources were removed from the managment map system, to make it less cluttered with barely needed objects: Stick, Plank, Steel Pickaxe, Mithril Pickaxe, Nail, Raw Clay, Roof Tile, Clay Brick, Sand, Glass, Window, Cement, Mortar, Cement Brick, and Fancy Mirror.
– Removed resources that don’t exist anymore from the requests that appear on the country management map.
– Max storage value was changed. (30 base, +20 for storage building, +10 optional delegate bonus)
– Overproduced resources now give either 1x Budget per type, or 1000 gold per type, or 2x Happiness and Reputation for your citizens. Which bonus you get can be chosen on the new management screen.
– New building “market” can be build near Aldlyn. Requires the investment research. The market gives budget, but reduces safety when you gather it. In the market, you can exchange country Budget for gold your party can use.
– The business below the command center now allows you to spend gold to increase your country budget.
– New research in the university to get +10 Budget every 4 turns. This research continues endlessly, unless canceled manually.
– Researches for Battle Knowledge, Protection Knowledge, Magic Knowledge, and Rune Stone in the university, and Builder Knowledge and Magic Dust in the laboratory are now done instantly instead of having a research time. You select how many you want to craft when you select the project on the research screen. The text will tell you how many of the required resources you have stored.
– A new queue was added to the bottom right corner of the research screens of the laboratory and university. Here, you can spend budget to instantly finish the currently active research. (Instead of having to do it on the country map.) This costs 3x Budget per remaining turn, or 2 Budget per turn with an upgrade.
– Equipment is bought on the new screen or in the armory. 5x Metal + 5x Budget -> 1x weapon or armor of that metal. (or wood for bows)
– You can use delegates to get the army equipment level higher. This allows players to finally reach equipment level 10.

Expeditions change:
– Expidition can’t become unable to finish due to full storage anymore.
– Soldiers aren’t always “consumed” for expeditions, but sometimes 1 doesn’t return.
– Expidition groups are visible on the management map while they prepare to depart. (only during the first few turns of their expedition)
– Expiditions rewards can be gold, budget, resources, or promotions for soldiers. There is a small chance to get a unique permanent buff for each of the medium and long expedition types. (obtainable and different for each of the 6 groups)

Trade changes:
– There are 2-3 trade offers on the new management screen, which are randomized each turn. They have different offers for resources for sale or purchase. The color of the icon shows if they want to buy or sell things, and the number below the icon which group of items are offered. It’s always a group of offers at once, not just a single offer.
– Each turn, there is a chance for a random trade offer to appear at the border of Amagal, Begus, and Dorgania. They offer Budget to buy resources. Accepting the trade gives you +5 relationship with them.
[Amagal pays more for magic resources like mana crystals, Begus for clothes, and Dorgania for building resources.] – There are special one-time trade offers that appear after X turns in the other countries, which increase the relationship with them by +10. Such one-time deals can give you a constant gold/budget income bonus.
– When relationship with a country is at 100+, it’ll go down each turn by 2. Which means it’s possible to keep increasing the relationship with the nations beyond 100, but requires some effort to keep it high.

– New (short) dialogs of Rylee and Carrie at Havaria Port when they are hired as delegates for the castle.
– The tutorial icon text was adjusted to the new turn system.


– Act 1 of the time skip preview now has a dialog with Frall in Aldlyn, which unlocks a new dungeon area. [You can access the test version of the time skip content when you interact with the sparkling book in Ryen’s bedroom in the castle of Aldlyn by selecting the “Time skip preview” option.] – In the dungeons are level 80 willowisp enemies of different elements.
– Each time you enter the dungeon, there is also a chance for a special rose or rainbow willowisp to appear. They have a 100% chance to drop a special book that increases the level of a party member by +1, up to level 99. The normal wisps have a 20% chance to drop the same book.
– These enemies and the new item are supposed to make getting to level 99 at this stage of the game easier and faster, as level 99 will be required for the class change of the party members. The class change will set them to level 100 and increase their personal max level to 200.
– The boss battle is meant for high level parties with legendary raid quality equipment.
– After the boss battle, you randomly get one of six mini-games or a bonus area.
– The battle and mini-games give you points, which you can use to buy special items.
– The auto-save system is disabled during the boss battle and mini-game phase, to prevent save scamming.
– After the first victory against the boss in the new dungeon, an event will appear on the time-skip screen near the entrance of the dungeon. It contains events with Frall about how to use the emblems for the class change of each party member.
– It’s possible to craft both legendary armors Belduro (druid class) and Airini (sniper class) in the nature raid for Mirel now, after she improved to her new class.
– A new full body CG was given to the icespirit Aura. It’s just a temporary image, as a new CG is already planned, so that all spirits will have full body CGs of the same, new artstyle eventually.
– Aura also received a temporary CG scene. Similar to the full body image, this CG will be remade later. That’s why I didn’t make any events for the scene yet, but you can watch the preview of the scene in the CG room, on the “non-human 3” page. The full event around the scene will get added once the new CGs for it are done.
– The max values for stats (HP, ATK, and so on) were increased for all party members, to adjust them for the new max level 200.
– Bookworm? quest bug fixed (Quest didn’t finish when you didn’t have enough money the first time)
– The Christmas dungeon 2023 entry was fixed (allowed you to walk through walls in that area)
– New full body CG and character sprite for Alexandra Uscyra, the female commander with red hair from Lualombo in Dorgania. It can be seen when you talk with her, or in the CG room on the page of Dorgania.


– New scene with Zaleria. Requires her scene with Ashryn, and Ashryn’s solo CG scene. The event starts when you talk with Zaleria first, and then talk with Ashryn when she has a yellow ! above her head when you get close to her.
– The entrance for the 2023 Christmas dungeon was moved from Ryen’s bed to the present icon in the bottom right corner of the main party CG room page, where you can also replay other old Christmas events.
– A green book icon was added above Aldlyn in the alpha test version for the war system. It allows you to replay unlocked story events of the war.
– Fixed a bug with the replay of Vampire’s beach bikini scene.
– Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Knocky’s dialog to not complete the quest step during the “Orchel Trading Route” quest.
– Fixed a bug that caused Thaola’s dialog to not complete the quest step during the “About Racism” quest.


When you go to sleep in your bed in the castle, a message will appear and ask you if you want to enter the 2023 Christmas special dream area. The area shows some dream events of the 12 party members, which give them permanent buffs, and you get tokens for the Christmas slot machine.
Be warned. Since the area shows dreams, not everything in it might make sense.
When you leave the area after finishing all 12 events, you’ll receive a Riddle Key as bonus reward.

A new event starts when you talk with Lind in the meeting room on the right side of the sleeping chambers in the castle of Aldlyn. It requires her previous CG scenes, and that the marriage system is unlocked to the point where you can pick a wife. It prepares her future wedding by advancing her relationship with Ryen, but the wedding itself isn’t part of this update.

In the test version for the war system (which you access via the sparkling book in Ryen’s bedroom), you can now fight the battles for Norhall Stronghold, Whitestone Citadel, and Calterburry, after capturing Meddling Castle and defending Parverhill. Calterburry has 2 battles when you fight with the vanguards, or an automatic sequence that plays when you let the army fight for you. After the battle of Calterburry, you get a story sequence, which is the current end of the war system. In a future update, the battles against Amagal will become available after this event.
On turn 8 of the war test system, and when you make the right choice during the automatic battle at Whitestone Citadel, you get a permanent buff to the strength of your regular army for automatic battles.

I added remakes of full body CGs for: Alcena, Lace, and Lind.
Mira’s full body CG in different art styles was changed to the same art style as her newer images.

The title screen music was changed for the Christmas time.



– Extract to the desired location.
– Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

Game Info:

Tags: 2DCG, Role Playing, Sandbox

Release date: 2024-05-06

Developer/Publisher: Naughty Netherpunch

Game Engine: RPGM

Censorship: Uncensored

Version: 24.05.06 [Ongoing]

Platform: Windows, Android (APK), MAC, Linux

Language: English


2D Game, 2DCG, Adventure, Ahegao, Anal Sex, Animated, BDSM, Big Ass, Big Tits, Cheating, Combat, Corruption, Cosplay, Creampie, Fantasy, Footjob, Furry, Futa/trans, Groping, Group Sex, Handjob, Harem, Humiliation, Incest, Internal View, Lesbian, Male Domination, Male Protagonist, Management, Milf, Mobile Game, Monster Girl, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Force, Romance, RPG, Sandbox, Slave, Strategy, Stripping, Teasing, Tentacles, Titfuck, Trainer, Transformation, Turn Based Combat, Vaginal Sex, Virgin.

Renryuu: Ascension Walkthrough



Christmas Wallpaper


General Info:

– You can continue to play your old progress by copying the old save folder into the folder of the new game version.
– Saveslot 19 and 20 are used for auto-saves. Don’t save your own progress there if you don’t want it to get overwritten with auto-saves or toggle off auto-saves in the main menu.
– You can find a “update files only” zip in the download folder, which contains only the changed/added files since the last version 24.10.16. If you already have the previous version you can download these files by themselves instead of downloading the entire game again. These files are not necessary when you download the entirely new game version “Renryuu Ascension Testversion 06.11.16”.

I would appreciate it if someone could help me by writing a good summary/description of the game. I would use this to replace my outdated game description at the places the game has been posted.


Renryuu: Ascension Game Download

– PC/Windows


Size: 1.69 GB


Android (APK)


Size: 1.53 GB




Size: 1.82 GB




Size: 1.70 GB


Update Only


Size: 30 MB


Game Credits

Naughty Netherpunch – Steam – Wiki

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