Well, if you are an owner or the developer or the distributor of the games which are featured on this website, and you think, it is not good for your business then you can contact us via the provided email address.

But, do you not think that piracy is a good option for your business? For example, why Windows is so popular in this world, the answer is Piracy.

When we feature your game here on our website, we give credit by adding the credit link of the developer. This way, people can go to your business address and subscribe to you for future updates. This way you can add more subscribers.

But if you think, it is not a good idea, kindly provide us with your genuine information. And we will remove it as soon as we get your message on our official email address. Our response time will be between 2-3 days.

Address: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

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