On this page, we have tried to answer your every question.

Q. What is the Compressed Version?

A. The compressed version of the game is the same as the original game but it is the compression of Images/Videos/Audio/Animations of the original game. It means quality is compressed, such as 1MB images convert to 100KB so that people can easily download a 10GB game in 1GB.

The compressed version of the game is either by the real developer or by fan-made/unofficial.

Q. Do we create/develop these games?

A. No. We neither create/develop the games nor create/host these games’ links. These games are created by others, we have given credit to them. You may support/donate to original developers.

Q. What is an Unofficial Version?

A. An unofficial version is a version that is not made by the real developer, it may be fan-made or unofficial (by other means).

Q. What is the Finished/Completed Status for a game?

A. A game that is officially (by Developer, Publisher) finished is labeled as ‘Finished/Completed Status’. In simple terms, a game is complete and maybe or may not be updated in the future. Sometimes, developers release some DLC or Extra content for the game which we will add when we find it. If you find a game on our website which recently been updated, tell us about it so that we can update it.

Q. What is the Ongoing Status of a game?

A. Ongoing status means, The Game is not complete, and you will get to see a new update or new version of that game in the future.

Q. Why some links are not working?

A. If some links are not working/opening like Racaty, Mixdrop, Anonfiles etc., comment to us we will update them  as soon as possible.