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Incubus City Version: 1.11.8 Adult xxx Porn Game Download For Windows, MAC, Linux with Walkthrough. Download And Play Free 18+ Adult Sex Games Only On 18AdultGames.

About​ Incubus City

In Incubus City you take the role of a man during a strange week-long change he occasionally experiences. Overcome with the intense desire to impregnate women, he must roam the streets at night seeking fertile wombs to knock up. During these times, he manifests strange abilities like enhanced strength and hypnotism, but the compulsion often drives him to do evil and places his life and freedom in danger.

Non-linear, multiple paths, 22 endings and 19 beginnings (unlockable New Game+ scenarios that provide the player a different origin and set of starting bonuses), own slaves, recruit girls into prostitution, ruin families, and forge a destiny beyond mortal comprehension.

NOTE: The game is pretty damn rapey. You probably shouldn’t play it.)

All the games are here for the minimum age of 18 and are entirely fictitious so play with the game spirit, not real.




– Extract to the desired location.
– Click on “Game” to start playing.

Android Phone:

1. Extract files from zip.
2. Manually go to the location of the file into Chrome, eg: file://localhost/sdcard/Download/Incubus City v1.8.6/Incubus City.html
2. Enjoy.

Android Phone using Joiplay app:

1. Download Incubus City.
2. Download Joiplay from the play store.
3. Extract Incubus City into internal storage. (I don’t think it matters where)
4. Open Joiplay app and click add/+.
5. Give the file a name and a version (this doesn’t matter what you put in).
6. Click ‘choose executable file’, and select the file: Incubus City by Wape.html from internal storage where you extracted the game.
7. Click the game icon in Joiplay app.
8. Enjoy!


1. If zip file: Extract updated files from the zip into the existing game directory.
2. If html file: Place html file into game directory and open it.

Game Info:

Tags: Adventure, Blackmail, Cheating

Release date: 19 December, 2021

Developer/Publisher: Wape

Game Engine: HTML

Censorship: Uncensored

Version: 1.11.8 [Finished]

OS: Windows, MAC, Linux

Language: English


Adventure, Anal sex, Animated, Big tits, Blackmail, Cheating, Creampie, Graphic violence, Group sex, Harem, Incest, Interracial, Lactation, Male protagonist, Masturbation, MILF, Monster, Multiple endings, Multiple penetrations, Oral sex, Paranormal, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Force, Real porn, Sexual harassment, Slave, Text-based, Vaginal sex, Virgin.

Incubus City Walkthrough


Incubus City Porn Game Apk Download

Download Incubus City



Size: 457 MB (v1.11.7)


v1.11.8 Only

Size: 3 MB




Size: 457 MB (v1.11.7)


v1.11.8 Only

Size: 3 MB




Size: 457 MB (v1.11.7)


v1.11.8 Only

Size: 3 MB


Game Credits


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