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College Daze G28 Adult xxx Game Download

Being a freshman in college is rough, but things are about to get a lot easier once you discover wandering lights with the strange ability to alter reality. Is someone disrespecting you? Maybe a little heat ray will shut them up. Trying to woo the girl of your dreams? Send her a bouquet of flowers plucked from an alternate dimension. Tired of being a broke college student? Conjure dollar bills out of thin air. Just be careful: the deeper you dig into this mystery, the more evidence you’ll find that you’re not the only one blessed with gifts.​


v0.480b Changelog

– Addressed some errors with doing new nighttime events and then getting transported to the wrong time zone.

v0.480a Changelog

Note: This release starts Wednesday morning, but it does not finish it. You will have to wait until the next release to be able to properly explore Wednesday afternoon/evening/night content. With that out of the way, here’s what’s been added:

– A new repeatable scene with Hana at the library (alongside Rio, Sofia, and Stacy). Humiliate her in front of everyone, use the opportunity to write contracts for some of the girls, or continue feeding into Hana and Rio’s cum addiction.
– Take over Robert(a) Maywood’s business. Your conspiracy will involve ‘help’ from former secretary Christy, Emma Maywood, and maybe even Karen too.
– Visit Karen’s home to spend some time with her, her ‘daughter’ Tammy, and Tammy’s friend Eric(a). If you haven’t permanently bimbofied either of them yet, gain a new opportunity to do so here.
– Go on an adventure with Val in the middle of the night, leading you to confront a new set of lightcasters.
– At night, go into a dream and find yourself face-to-face with a surprising, but familiar, figure.
– Also at night, go upstairs to visit the girls on the upper dorm floor (Rio, Sofia, Monica, and optionally Zahra). If they haven’t all been in a harem yet, use this opportunity to bring them together. Otherwise, just enjoy where your shared dream takes you.
– Wake up in the morning to find that things on campus have gotten strange. Depending on your situation, you might enjoy some fun in your dorm room before being summoned by Jill. Follow her back to Lydia’s apartment for an interesting confrontation.


– Spend some more time with Robert’s secretary, Christy.
– Go on repeatable dates with Val, which may or may not involve your assistant as well (depending on whether you finished reading her book or not). Note that one of the routes has an unfinished minigame right now, so that part is skippable.
– If you’re close with Professor Barberry, gain the option to help her with a summoning ritual, with potentially grim results.
– Visit Sister Lisa and her assistant, Bunny.
– If you signed a contract with the queen, you and Lydia can visit her in your dreams, at which point Lydia might get an interesting idea…
– If you rescued Fuller’s wife, enjoy an encounter involving her and (potentially) Rachel, then another involving her and Fuller, and then perhaps even another where you decide to finally make her your property.
– If Mrs. Wilson, Ms. Hill, and Mrs. Maywood are your lovers or future wives, then you can take them all out on a date where you’ll make them more comfortable with their respective positions in your growing harem.


– New ‘Monday’ night events for the player to spend time with Cassandra or Heather + Ms. Hill or Delia + Mrs. Maywood.
– ‘Tuesday’ now has its classes available, but it ends for now once you reach the night events (there will be new night events available here in the next release to combine with all of the other ones that were available ‘Monday’ night).
– During Patel’s class, spend time with her and Brittany depending on a variety of factors, including a new addition to her route if you *didn’t* use a permanent purple light on her.
– During Stein’s class, confront ‘him’ and/or Tom/Tammy, gaining the option to bimbofy one or both. You can also go inside Tammy’s mind to give her a choker to make her more docile in the future. After all of your fun here, gain the option to permanently accelerate her pregnancy.
– After class, potentially interact with the cheerleaders, where you can learn some important news about any upcoming pregnancies or convince them to engage in a little blowjob competition in the locker room.
– Finally, confront a number of people if they’ve been pregnant long enough to be aware of it, including new chances for old content (Patel, Rio, Mrs. Wilson), and new conversations with Stein, Tammy, Heather, Nikki, Suzie, Ms. Hill, Jane, Karen, Kayla, and Billie.



– Extract to the desired location.
– Click on “Game” to start playing.

Note: Extract Update files into the same folder as the previous version and run. If you downloaded all files at once, just extract and play.

Android Support:

I would like to add that this is the solution for every HTML game which is run on a mobile (Android) device. Because the file has been extracted in a mobile device folder (which also contains the games images), it should be opened from that location (thus your filepath in the browser has to reflect this, otherwise the images are not loaded). So…..find the HTML gamefile in your phone with a file explorer, look at its properties, copy the filepath, go to your mobile browser, change the url to file:// and right beside it copy the file location of the game. Works in every (mobile) browser. Enjoy the game!

Game Info:

Tags: Real Porn, Superpowers

Release date: 2024-02-09

Developer/Publisher: G28

Game Engine: HTML

Censorship: Uncensored

Version: 0.480b [Ongoing]

Platform: Windows, Android (APK), MAC, Linux

Language: English


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College Daze Walkthrough


Cheat Codes + Incest Mod:

To activate incest or cheat codes, replace ‘mother’s friend’ when it asks who the woman is at the beginning with one of the following:

cheat – give max energy, spells, stats, etc.
related – make the player related to the Maywoods
cheatrelated – do both at the same time
energy – give max energy but nothing else
energyrelated – give energy and related
phone – give phone info on day one but nothing else
phonerelated – give phone and related


College Daze Game Download

F*ck what should I do?

– Download v0.450a >then v0.480a >then v0.480b

INSTALL: check the installation.

Windows / Android / MAC / Linux


Size: 3.56 GB (v0.450a)


Update Only (v0.480a)

Size: 126 MB


Update Only (v0.480b)

HTML Only (v0.480a -> v0.480b) – WORKUPLOAD

Game Credits

G28 Patreon

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