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About “Girl Life” Game

Based on the Russian game ЭТО by DeGross.

This game is about the simulated life of a woman containing elements of RPG, strategy, porn and magical combat. You may choose what kind of life the character will live according to your play style, conscience or even personal beliefs. There are many choices to make in this game, will you be a saint or a sinner?

If your first night results in instant death and game over you are using the wrong QSPplayer.



– Simplified the BDSM mansion navigation quite a bit and removed a few rooms that are not needed by Kevin Smarts
– Bug fixes from Anjuna, Lusticon, Violet Kitten, bgkjdgbizgblzdgbr and Kevin Smarts

– Bug fixes from Anjuna, Myles Croft, Lusticon, Anya, bgkjdgbizgblzdgbr and Kevin Smarts


– New therapist scene from HiddenFlame with code from Anyuna
– More breakup options for hookups and fuckbuddies from hornguy6
– Daydreaming in class now refills sleep meter just a tiny bit thanks to Lusticon
– New bus system with timetable and everything from Anyuna
– Refactoring of transport system code from Anjuna
– New Ksenya events written by Hidden Flame with code from Awesome
– Sveta finally gets her own room in the barn at grandparent’s place
– Sweat and hair getting tangled from more vigorous sex acts added by Lusticon
– Cum leakage and new cleaning options in bathrooms to resolve it from Lusticon
– New start option from Anjuna (under cool kids)
– Autosave now by day of week so there’s 7 days you can revert back should things go wrong from Lusticon
– New Katya Uni events from bgkjdgbizgblzdgbr
– Generation of NPCs should be correct gender thanks to Anjuna
– New event to slut it up during and after church from hornguy6
– Rework of SMS system adding more function and ability to send images from Anyuna (also makes it easier for us to add text chats)
– Customizable theme added by Feliz
– Centralization of body system calculations now with more accurate BMI from Anjuna
– Assbook (the social media site) from Anjuna
– Complete overhaul of the body system changing the calculations to be more reliable and hopefully more realistic from Anjuna
– Parser tool for checking the code (not included in game) which helps fix coding errors from Chimrod
– Fights now apply pain to specific parts with feedback during the fight from Kevin Smarts
– Experimental trials mod by pchs and julzor integrated and updated by Anyuna
– ‘Nush and bandmates have schedule while at school now thanks to bgkjdgbizgblzdgbr
– Nursing degree added to Uni by Vengence11
– Abortion and post rape talk with Mom from BBZ01 with code by Kevin
– Mod support for crime and sleep from Anjuna
– New Nat friend/lover content from BBZ01 with code from Anjuna and Kevin
– Start of performance/gig rework by netuttki
– Cade refactoring from Felix
– New alarm clock design from Awesome
– Ballet content from Hooded”s mod coded, edited and reworked by Myles Croft (dancer start required)
– Various alterations, fixes, text edits and additions to fuckbuddies and hookups from hornguy6
– Text edits from Anjuna, and Vengeance11
– Code refactoring by Anjuna, Felix and Creamel
– Bug fixes from Myles Croft, Felix, Anjuna, netuttki, Anya, Awesome, Derryth Love, Rachels, Lusticon, 00, Creamel, hornguy6, bgkjdgbizgblzdgbr and Kevin Smarts
– Image pack from Anya



First Guide

1) Ensure you have 7zip installed to decompress the image archives.

2) What you need is on, but your browser might need the MEGA app to download everything.

3) On, the synopsis page lists various QSP players; you will need to install at least one of these games.

Extract your interpreter program files into a dedicated folder; this is your “game folder”.

4) On, click on the mega link for the game itself in the downloads section. Typically you will want the most recent version. Save it to your game folder.

5) On, in the synopsis page, find the line that says “All image packs and the sound pack are here :” The last bit of that line is hyperlinked; click that link to get the images and sound packs. As of this writing, all the packs are stored in an “images” folder. Save this to a temporary folder on your computer.

6) In this “images folder”, do a batch “extract here” with 7zip. This will make new images and sounds folder, with everything extracted. Move these new folders to your game folder; merge as needed.

7a) ”’FIRST TIME:”’ Right-click the game file (typically “Girl Life x.y.z.qsp” or somesuch) and look for a “open with” selection; if you can’t find one, then go with “open”. A dialogue will pop up to select which program to open it with. Select “qspgui.exe” in your game folder. Note: if you open qspgui.exe then load Girl Life, it may not understand where the the sounds and images are stored; assigning qsp files to open with qsp player solves this.

7b) ”’OTHER TIMES:”’ double click the game file to start;

8) Enjoy

Second Guide

Windows Instructions

This is written up for Windows computers See below for other systems.

Install the QSP player (”Qqsp-1.9.0 is recommended”) anywhere on your PC. It is not required to be in the same folder as the game files. Link to Qqsp-1.9.0 can be found here

  1. Make a folder, put your glife.qsp file in that folder. For the sake of example, let’s say you called the folder GirlLife.
  2. Unzip the image packs you downloaded using an application say WinRar or 7zip. This should give you a folder called “images” with a lot of other folders inside of it.
  3. Place those folders into your GirlLife folder in order. So first the 0.9.0 folder, then folder, and so on and so forth. As you put in the later folders it will ask to confirm an overwrite. Let it overwrite. In the end, the image folder should look like
  4. That folder you created in no.1 should now only contain three things: glife.qsp, an “images” folder, and a “sound” folder.
  5. Run glife.qsp with the QSP player. Everything should work.

Android Instructions

This guide is for Android users. If you want to play QSP on iPhone, try AeroQSP

Step One: Finding out your version of android

Step Two: Choosing the correct version

  • If your Android is below 4.4.4 (including 4.4.4), use Quest player 1.0.2 or 1.3 
    • 2017/7: New version! 1.4+ by ”’MrBoboFace”’, require Android 4.4.4+ ”Still in development, only English version for now.”
  • If your Android is 5.x or 6.x, get modified 1.3 version by BOOM.vrn.

Step Three: Downloading the required programs

  • Get Quest player for Android;
  • You can download the translated apk, or translate the program on your own.
  • The password is ”’qsp”’

Step Four: Installing the game

  • Install Game by creating a folder in your SD card.
    • sdcard1/QSP/games/ETO
  • put game files as this:
    • sdcard1/QSP/games/ETO/glife.qsp
    • sdcard1/QSP/games/ETO/avatar.jpg
  • Images and Sound goes in these two folders:
    • sdcard1/QSP/games/ETO/sound/
    • sdcard1/QSP/games/ETO/images/

For QSP player 1.3 by BOOM, it can fit image width to screen (set in menu).

For 1.1 on google play, you must adjust image size manually before copy them into sdcard. The width of screen is 1920.

Step Five: Playing the game

  • Play game:
    • Launch QSP player
    • Select “ETO” (same as folder name as you set in II.)
    • A messagebox with 2 russian button will pop out. one is play, another is cancel.
    • Once in game, press MENU key of your phone to do the setting and save/load.
  • Quest player of Android does not support in-game save, you must save through system menu on your own.
    • 1.3 version by BOOM.vrn support autosave

End Notes
Mods subsystem currently DOESN`T WORK on android.

Game Info:

Tags: Real Porn, Sandbox

Release date: 2024-03-16

Developer/Publisher: Community project

Game Engine: Ren’Py

Censorship: Uncensored

Version: [Ongoing]

Platform: Windows, MAC

Language: English (less than 1% MTL hidden in there somewhere)


Anal Sex, Animated, Cheating, Corruption, Dating Sim, Drugs, Exhibitionism, Female Domination, Female Protagonist, Groping, Group Sex, Handjob, Incest, Lesbian, Male Domination, Masturbation, Milf, Mind Control, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Force, Real Porn, Sandbox, School Setting, Simulator, Spanking, Transformation, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism.

Girl Life Walkthrough




First Playthrough Guide

Video Requirement:

As of the 0.7.0 release these versions of the QSP player are the standard required for videos to play:

Infinite version 0.4.2:


Sonnix version 1.9:



About the Imagepacks:

0.8.4 core image pack Delete the current image folder and replace with this one.
plus 0.8.5 and 0.8.6 image update packs

0.8 core sound pack This has all the sound files for the game.


Girl Life Game Download

Note: Due to the clothing overhaul some outfits from previous versions will be broken. You may need to purchase new clothing.

Windows / MAC



Size: 69 MB


Image Pack (Assets Pack)

*Assets pack contain the core images, audio, and some optional files along with an update from the previous version

Size: 3.2+ GB


All in one:

Size: 3.46 GB (v0.8.8.5)


*It means both versions + assets are in one pack.

Game Credits

Community project TFGameSiteDiscord

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