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About Ways of Life

Ways of Life RALX Games Productions Porn Game

You’re a young man whose father recently left mysteriously. You need to find out what happened to him, but, in the meantime, you can have fun with girls and even discover your bloodline secrets.​

All the games are here for the minimum age of 18 and are entirely fictitious so play with the game spirit, not real.

Changelog: v0.88




– Extract to the desired location.
– Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

Game Info:

Tags: 3DCG, Paranormal, Mind control

Release date: 10 July, 2022

Developer/Publisher: RALX Games

Censorship: Uncensored

Game Engine: Others

Version: 0.88 [Ongoing]

Platform: Windows, MAC, Android (APK), Linux

Language: English, Italian, Russian


3DCG, Anal sex, Corruption, Footjob, Incest, Male protagonist, Masturbation, MILF, Mind control, Oral sex, Paranormal, Pregnancy, Sleeping, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism.

Ways of Life Walkthrough



How to enable cheats:

To enable cheats (as of 0.5.5r):

  1. Open data/SCRIPTS.js in a text editor.
  2. Change line 44975 to read GameManager.variableStore.numbers[input] = 1850; (this is inside the getPatronPledgedStatus function).
  3. Save SCRIPTS.js
  4. Open the game and start/load.
  5. Open the Other > Cheats option and click through.
  6. Select ‘One Factor’ when prompted and then close the browser.
  7. Click inside the game window until the “Waiting for response” message changes. It should say “You have pledged: 1850”.
  8. Enjoy.

MONMON = $9999
GURLZ = level up all girls to 100 except Bethany


Ways of Life Game Download

WARNING: We urge all users to block the game executable in their firewall before playing. The game is sending over an unknown amount of information to a private server, which the developer might be using for malicious purposes. Be careful!



Size: 942 MB


Android (APK)


Size: 900 MB




Size: 985 MB




Size: 960 MB


Game Credits

RALX Games Productions Patreon

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3 thoughts on “Ways of Life”

    • Text Editor: Notepad , Notepad+

      1. Find and Open data/SCRIPTS.js in that text editor.

      -Change line 44975 to read GameManager.variableStore.numbers[input] = 1850; (this is inside the getPatronPledgedStatus function).
      -Save SCRIPTS.js
      -Open the game and start/load.
      -Open the Other > Cheats option and click through.
      -Select ‘One Factor’ when prompted and then close the browser.
      -Click inside the game window until the “Waiting for response” message changes. It should say “You have pledged: 1850”.

      Note: I don’t understand this engine for this game So I can’t tell you much…


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