The Legend of the Hero of Edoriam [v0.1.5a]


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The Legend of the Hero of Edoriam [Pyrthenix] Adult xxx Game Download

The Kingdom of Edoriam is plunged into a brutal war against darkness.

You are one of the adventurers of the guild, who, alongside your wife, fights for the good of the realm.

What adventures will you experience? How many will join you on your mission?

How much are you willing to sacrifice for the salvation of the kingdom?

A vast odyssey awaits you, adventurer. Will you become the hero that Edoriam needs, or will you succumb, ensnared by the darkness?


Versión 0.1.5a (Public Version)

-Added continuation of main mission in The Nebulous Mountains (with various maps, scenes, enemies and choices).
-Added new NSFW Netorase-Monster event (Goblin Ambush) (with variations according to corruption level and choices).
-Added new NSFW Love event (Romantic Bath in the River) (with variations according to corruption level).
-Added 30 NFSW CGs.
-Added +5500 new words.
-Added +10 SFW images.
-Added 7 NFSW animations.
-Added new NFSW Love event (Blowjow in the Tavern) (with variations according to corruption level and choices).
-Added new NFSW Harem-Love event (Join them in Threesome with Adara and Wife).
-Added new NSFW male monster character (Goblins).
-Added new area (Runic Forge) with NPCs (and interactions).
-Added new area (The Nebulous Montains (Hills)), with new enemy NPC (High Wind Spirit), and new event.
-Added new area (Inner Passage) with new enemy NPCs (Fern Bat, Viridian Spider, Tazsun, Bukzak, Abomination) with sprites and interactions.
-Added a New Item System, featuring various subsystems and many new items:
Rarity Subsystem: items will now have rarity levels, ranging from Poor (I) to legendary (VI), which will determine their quality, price, and the number of enhancement slots.
Runeforging Subsystem: Equipment can now be upgraded using runes. Runes can be embedded into both weapons and armor to add attribute enhancements based on their rarity.
New Equipment Items:
Armors: [Common] Tempered Iron Chestplate, [Uncommon] Steel Plate Armor, [Uncommon] Tempered Steel Plate Armor.
Robes: [Common] Enchanted Robe, [Uncommon] Sorcerer’s Robe, [Uncommon] Mystical Robe.
Shields: [Common] Tempered Iron Shield, [Uncommon] Steel Shield, [Uncommon] Tempered Steel Shield.
Staffs: [Common] Enchanted Staff, [Uncommon] Sorcerer’s Staff, [Uncommon] Staff of Power.
Swords: [Common] Tempered Iron Sword, [Uncommon] Steel Sword, [Uncommon] Tempered Steel Sword.
All of them are available in their respective shops.
Revision of old items to bring them into the new Item System, as well as modifying their descriptions and adding new items descriptions.
New Runes Items:
[Common] Power Rune
[Common] Power Rune [II] [Common] Defense Rune
[Common] Defense Rune [II] [Common] Acuity Rune
[Common] Acuity Rune [II] [Common] Abjuration Rune
[Common] Abjuration Rune [II] [Common] Resistance Rune
[Common] Resistance Rune [II] [Common] Mana Rune
[Common] Mana Rune [II] With their respective descriptions. All of which can be purchased at the Rune Forge.
-Added New Alignment Subsystem (Transformation Subsystem) (Initial Stage).
-Added new item: [Epic] Shard of Darkness.
-Added new Tutorials: Item System, Rarity and Rune Forge.
-The key to access the Skill Tree has been changed to (Key A).
-The skip button (W key) has been enabled.
-Correction and balancing of some skills.
-Critical bug in loading images and audios fixed.
-Bug on corruption levels fixed.
-Bug in Against the Wall scene fixed.
-Bug on Skill Tree fixed.
-Some typos fixed.
-Some minors bugs fixed and small additions.

Version: 0.1.4 (Public Version)

-Added a new completed secondary mission “The Deserter’s Chamber” with drastic variations (in the future story) based on choices.
-Added new NSFW netorase event (Acquisition through sexual favors) (with variations according to corruption level and choices).
-Added new NSFW femdom event (The Succubus Visit) (with variations according to choices).
-Added 42 NSFW CGs.
-Added over 7000 new words, including dialogues, interactions, and descriptions.
-Added +40 SFW images and CGs.
-Added 8 NSFW animations.
-Added new NSFW event lesbian-harem-vouyer (Threesome with Wife and Adara) (with variations according to choices).
-Added new NSFW netorase event (Third Spying on the Wife) (with variations according to choices).
-Added new rank to the Wife Corruption System (1 rank) and image by rank (1 image).
-Added new interactions in the Wife Interaction System (2 new interactions) (Touch her: boobs and buttocks).
-Added new character NSFW woman (Vylethiora, The Master Sucubus).
-Added a new merchant character and NSFW male character (Corbin, The Dark Student).
-Added a new Light-Dark Alignment Moral System. Now actions will carry moral weight and determine affinity with the two main Cosmological Pillars, dramatically altering the gameplay experience and shaping the outcome and options of future choices.
-Added new area (Magic Academy Basement) with mystery and puzzles.
-Added new area (Magic Academy Sewers) with new enemy NPC (Dark Guardians).
-Added new area (The Deserter’s Chamber).
-Added new passive ability (Shadowy Blessing of the Deserter).
-Added new utility skill (Arcane Lockbreaker (II)).
-Added a tutorial with guides and explanations of the fundamentals (with images, accessible in the Skill Tree):
-Corruption System, including the Femdom and Fidelity Subsystems.
-Skill Tree, with Mastery Experience Subsystem.
-Alignment System.
-Wife Interaction System.
-Added The Hall of Primordial Ashes (in skill tree) (Cheats): increasing health, mana, experience, adjusting corruption levels, femdom, fidelity, adding more gold and modifying moral alignment. (Exclusive to The High Knightly Order version).
-Added images and embellishments to certain parts of the Skill Tree.
-Added an Alignment section in the Skill Tree, featuring the principles of Light and Darkness and affinity levels towards each Cosmological Pillar.
New items added:
-Cursed Essence (+5 Dark Alignment. Available in the Magic Shop).
-Blessed Essence (+5 Light Alignment. Available in the Magic Shop).
-Reviewed and modified some previous decisions to incorporate the new Alignment System.
-Added NPC Skill: Dark Agony.
-Bug Magic Shop fixed.
-Some typos fixed.
-Some minors bugs fixed and small additions.

Version 0.1.3 (Public Version)

-Added continuation of the main story (completion of the Mage Conclave mission and start of The Nebulous Mountains Mission (with variations according to moral choices)).
-Added new NSFW dominance event (Footjob Bedroom) (with variations according to corruption level and choices).
-Added new NSFW love event (Against Wall Bathroom) (with variations according to corruption level).
-Added new NSFW netorase event (continuation of second spying on wife).
-Added new NFSW netorase-femdom event (third wife’s report (with variations according to corruption level and choices)).
-Added 34 NSFW CGs.
-Added over 6000 new words, including dialogues, interactions, and descriptions.
-Added 10 NSFW animations.
-Added new NSFW vouyer event (Elf Woman Masturbation).
-Added new Subsystem Femdom Wife.
-Added new rank to the wife corruption system (1 rank) and image by rank (1 image).
-Added new female character NFSW (Elf Woman).
-Added a New Skill System, with a new interface (with images) for each branch and several branches added to the skill tree:
Added Pyromancy with 3 new spells (Flames (I), Flame Light (I), Dual Flare (II)) and 2 passives per mastery level (Novice Pyromancy and Apprentice Pyromancy).
Added Hydromancy with 3 new spells (Marine Gust (I), Healing Waters (I), Geyser (II)) and 2 passives per mastery level (Novice Hydromancy and Apprentice Hydromancy).
Added Geomancy with 3 new spells (Stone Strike (I), Stone Skin (I), Rock Fragments (II)) and 2 passives per mastery level (Novice Geomancy and Apprentice Geomancy).
Added Cryomancy with 3 new spells (Frostbite (I), Freezing Touch (I), Icy Duo (II)) and 2 passives per mastery level (Novice Cryomancy and Apprentice Cryomancy).
Added Electromancy with 3 new spells (Heavy Cut (I), Minor Paralysis (I), Thunderclap Cascade (II)) and 2 passives per mastery level (Novice Electromancy and Apprentice Electromancy).
Added Swordsman with 3 new skills (Electric Surge (I), Sharp Edge (I), Double Slash (II)) and 2 passives per mastery level (Novice Swordsman and Apprentice Swordsman).
The old spells and abilities have been removed and replaced with the new ones, which feature new animations or variations of the existing ones.
-Added a new Mastery Experience Subsystem.
From now on, skills will need to be leveled separately from general experience. To acquire new skills, you will need to gain mastery experience (using skills from the branch) and then use it in your skill tree to unlock new ones.
-Added Knights’ Academy (Outside) and NPCs (with interactions).
-Added new area (The Nebulous Mountains), with new enemy NPCs (Slime, Carnivorous Vine, Windspirit, Viridian Viper).
-Added training room in Magic Academy and training grounds in Knights’ Academy. Now you can speak with the enchanted armors to request training (currently novice and apprentice) to further develop your different skills.
-Added new items:
Frostbite (I) Spellbook
Flames (I) Spellbook
Marine Gust (I) Spellbook
Stone Strike (I) Spellbook
Electric Surge (I) Spellbook
High Mana Potion
All of them obtainable in the magic shop.
-Enemy issue in the first boss fight fixed.
-Bug in the orc camp attack fixed.
-Some code inputs fixed.
-Some typos fixed.
-Some minors bugs fixed and small additions.



– Extract to the desired location.
– Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

Game Info:

Tags: 3DCG, Adventure

Release date: 2023-10-31

Developer/Publisher: Pyrthenix

Game Engine: RPGM

Censorship: Uncensored

Version: 0.1.5a [Ongoing]

Platform: Windows

Language: English


2D Game, 3DCG, Adventure, Ahegao, Animated, Bukkake, Corruption, Creampie, Dating Sim, Fantasy, Female Domination, Groping, Group Sex, Handjob, Interracial, Male Domination, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Monster, NTR, Oral Sex, Force, RPG, Slave, Swinging, Teasing, Turn Based Combat, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism, Role Playing, Adult, Anime, Erotic, Hentai, Netorare, Netorase, Open World, RPG Maker.

The Legend of the Hero of Edoriam Walkthrough


Developer Notes:

The game primarily focuses on netorase and corruption themes, with the possibility of expanding to various forms of netorare. However, there will be a wide range of fetishes, and even the NTR aspect can be significantly reduced (even completely avoided). Some examples include male and female domination, monsters, sexual slavery, rape, prostitution, group sex, harem, sex combat, stripping, and much more. It will encompass all that a realistic medieval fantasy world can offer.

Community ideas will be welcome, and there will be voting for the implementation of certain fetishes, characters, and routes that are favored by the majority.



The Legend of the Hero of Edoriam Game Download

– PC/Windows


Size: 1.42 GB


Game Credits

Pyrthenix Patreon – – Discord

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