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About “Lisa” Game

Lisa [PaleGrass] Adult xxx Game Download

Take control of Lisa, a young girl in her final year of college as she embarks on the final educational hurdle:

To graduate Lisa must earn ample credits from local businesses and corporations by taking on part-time work fulfilling on-the-job duties in a range of industries.

Living a docile and quiet life with her boyfriend Danny may not be the reserved future Lisa wishes for herself.. and with so many doors opening day by day she has every opportunity to change everything.



– Added Sharing next morning event
– Linux version not available for this update


FINALLY! It’s over! I literally just saw a few CGs that could’ve done with being updated in the Rubbin’s events but I’m not recompressing everything again tonight lol ^_^

I’ve been a bit worried about re-uploading the game because it’s not like I can assume that releasing in tiers will filter out any glaring bugs because there’s no further content and it’s unlikely that returning players will be starting new games anytime soon so I’ve really tried to be as thorough as I possibly can in as little time possible but as always if you find something iffy in there please let me know asap <3 I think the most likely errors that could still be floating around in there are references to Paul.

Playing through the first hours of the game was tough. Like it was really tough to look at some of it lol! The introductory section of the game was inundated with these predatory grins and really amateur renders but I’m sure you all know this already ^_^ It did take quite some hours to play through the entire thing, re-render some really bizarre images and adjust some of the dialogue to be less “rigid” though a lot more work needs done at some point but I am satisfied for now. I think some of the dialogue was really, really awful for the first portion of the game and I imagine that’s probably because 1: I wrote it before I had a good concept of who each character actually was, so they all interacted like NPCs to some degree which I really don’t like and 2: because I was a much more timid writer back then but it’s been briefly adjusted for the time being though I will revisit it again before the final version of the game.

A lot of the re-rendered scenes are found in the first section of the game like when Lisa first arrives at the house and when meeting Gina at the coffee shop. These didn’t take too long at all as I spent about 1-2 minutes each fixing settings, adjusting lights, rectifying facial expressions, quickly simulating the clothing / hair and finally applying a denoiser then setting it to render whilst I continued with the playthrough. Other scenes are crying out for a remake or at least touching up like Marcus’ early content, Rubbin’s content, Theo’s first jobs, Shopping with Sharon, Danny Nights 1&2 and Swim Trip events but most of these scenes require a full overhaul of the sets or at least the lighting used so that’ll be pushed back until much later. Other glaring issues are CGs with a “sweat” / “wet” shells applied – these tend to look really poor unless under very specific lights so I’d like to address those at a further date too. Noteable scenes with these messy looking shells are Byron Visit & Theo’s Night events. I’ve at least learned how to better apply these for future scenes :)

Whilst I was going over everything I decided I may as well address the Fitness clothing so it’s been completely changed with a more appropriate outfit which I think works super well. I didn’t think making a poll here was really necessary as the new “Jogging Outfit” won’t really be used much with the inclusion of Yoga in 3.X and it’ll likely have it’s own clothing so it’s only really used in events and CG most of you have already seen.

There was also a continuity issue with how the text is displayed, the first few of hours of the game were displayed on a “Dim” background (you’ll note this as the background when Lisa’s inner monologue is playing) then it changes to the pink heart background later. I’ve corrected all (or at least most of) these discrepancies but if you find any outliers please let me know. This took hours upon hours to fix, it’s a simple job but with around 4 text boxes per CG and there being a few thousand CG with this applied it really took it’s time lol.
One thing I didn’t update in accordance is the Recollection Room. It’s already taken me so many hours to fix everything and I just ran outta patience. I will update it at some point but I need a break from the old content lol! All of the scenes in the RR should still work, some may break though I think it’s probably unlikely.

These changes were all things that I knew needed corrected for a long time and I just wanted to do it now since I had a reason to go back in the first place ^_^

Because of the previously mentioned “issues,” I ended up altering almost every event in the first 5-10 hours of the game in some way, whether it was dialogue updates, formatting, CGs, music or transition times. The whole grind was monotonous, cringe-inducing and above all exhausting and I knew it would be so I’m just so happy that it’s over at least for the time being. It’s a tremendous weight to lift.
I’ve made a note of all of the scenes that require additional work for later and the list is as long as my arm lol.

Though tedious and boring; replaying all of that old content was still kind of interesting and insightful in a way, just seeing how much content there actually is and noting some of the CGs I used to think were the bomb only to re-evaluate them as “get that off my screen, that is hideous!” x)

Some things I noted as well when replaying the game which some of you might be interested in:

1: Episode 1 is a little barren
I just felt when playing the opening hours that the world was a bit too big with too little to do in it at this time in the game because there isn’t any Instagram or very many happenstance events so that’s something I’ll definitely be looking into at some point in 3.X.

2: Episode 2 feels fairly complete
It’s quite stark how different it felt returning from the Swim Trip. After a few in game days the journal fills up quickly and you really have a lot to do here which is great. On top of that I felt the Deviancy increase was pretty balanced. I think especially if I add a few more small events in E1 then have them continued into E2 it’ll feel really good. I have some really nice ideas for more random events later but they are quite “daring” we’ll say so I’d need something a little tamer lol! So if you guys have any ideas, even commonly used tropes for smaller events that wouldn’t scare a timid Lisa away (at least not too much lol!) then let me know (even better if we can ramp the events up with higher Deviancy levels, yes!) ^_^

3: Night desperately needs content
Now this isn’t much of an issue because a sizeable focus in 3.X will be night content but still having that third tick of each day is almost pointless for 20-30 hours of gameplay (outside Lisa’s house at least) and I’m not too sure how best to combat that or whether it needs addressed at all. I’ve added a note in the opening of the game that states that Night events don’t really begin until Confidence level 3 for now ^_^

4: The progression actually isn’t terrible
A huge concern of mine lately has been that the growth of Lisa’s character might feel a little off for a new player but upon replaying the game while yes there are areas that could be fixed or optimized (e.g. Swim Trip); overall I’m pleased with how it moves forward and with the pacing.

5: The game needs more balloons
RPGM balloons are the little bouncing images that float over characters or objects depicting moods or objects of interest. I had a really quick look at the fitness events and added balloons to said events when Lisa is wearing the Jogging Outfit to better illustrate that these events are “useful” in a way. This is something I’ll be looking into a lot more when working on 3.X Renshire. I want to add balloons for all of the locations in the game like above Rubbins’ or even in Lisa’s room, this should liven up and make the player experience more intuitive but it’s something I think is really missing. Since I’m using RPGM, it really makes no sense not to utilize every detail of the engine if it improves player experience though I’m not much of a sprite artist so I might have to source out someone who is ^_^

As mentioned above when moving into 3.X I’ll be taking a look at each map and making an effort to add new events to a lot of them. I want that fresh +Confidence (used to be Exhibitionism) feeling when the player gets hold of Lisa’s new outfit, a new cap on Deviancy (50 after Confidence 3) and is set free in a totally new Renshire with maps that are begging to be explored. This is obviously a huge task but I’ll hopefully chip bits off it with each patch in 3.X :)

Just to reiterate; there very may well be other instances of ghoulish grins, text boxes displaying incorrectly or references to Paul flickered around in there so if you find any please do let me know but at the very least the majority should be fixed :))

I do want to share more teasers of JP but they’re all very x rated and I can’t post that stuff publicly (public posts can’t have nudity and these links have to be public :)) or I’ll get in trouble lol! I’ll probably do another update later during the week because now, at long last I’m pretty much 100% up to date and can get back to working on current content.

The best news of all is that the links are back up and running so that’s a huge weight off my mind and I apologize to everyone and anyone who was trying to download the game in the past month. It’s been a doozy overall lol.

Thanks so much for your patience guys, sending you all my love and I hope you have all had an amazing weekend ^_^!


DEVIANTS: There is no new content in this version. It simply houses a few bugfixes.
All bugs that have been reported have been fixed in this version but there very well could still be more so please don’t hesitate to let me know if anything comes up <3
The rest of this post is just copied and pasted from the release a few days ago :)

Well here it is. Honestly I didn’t think I’d get it done, I was so close to drafting an apology message because I still had so much testing to do and with me leaving for a few days I was just overwhelmed but we pulled through ^_^

Now just forewarning: This is unbelievably rushed. I mean REALLY rushed. I don’t think I’ve ever still been writing right up until the deadline, I was literally still writing yesterday that and getting the Recollection Room up and running was a crazy dash (Which again is mostly untested). I fully expect game-breaking bugs to be lurking somewhere in some arrangement of switches so if that happens to anyone that I’m really, really sorry. I have been running through different route variations for a couple of hours now but there are just so many and I’m so burned out. I just need a break from this screen lol!

So aside from potentially critical bugs, there are also some variations that just aren’t finished. The two major ones being ANY of the Danny Leaves alt routes during Gina’s Game. Basically you can only choose the red options during the game (these were prioritized because I assume the majority want the filthier options ^_^).

The second is a worse offender in that it’s one of the Danny Stays exploration scenes. I won’t spoil where or what the scene is but it’ll be both apparent and in equal measure disappointing when you find it. This particular scene is only available for those that both have selected the Cheating path + Danny stays at the party and are NOT on the Sharing path.

“So pG.. how is the content this patch?” Well to be honest.. I really fucking love this patch man ^_^ I think it’s so diverse in it’s content, I love the graphics, I’m really proud of how the writing runs alongside it and I really think the dynamic shift in the tone and the narrative fits well. I just hope more than anything that you guys enjoy it! :))

Like I mentioned above; I’m away this weekend so there won’t be a patch until at least next week to resolve any bugs and also implement the missing content. To combat the potential bug issue a bit I’ve added a little switch in Jayce’s Apartment that will teleport the player to a temporary Recollection Room with all of the content unlocked – using this teleport will also disable your ability to save and there’s no exit from this RR. This is necessary to avoid further issues down the line but it’ll all be noted in game too :)

This teleporter will be available after Elevator 4 which is the final scene before GG starts. You can access it from Elevator 4 onwards. The game will notify you if you’ve seen all of the current content with the exception of Danny Stays + Cheating route which as mentioned is unfinished sadly.

The backend of this entire patch is quite complicated, before I started writing this update, aside from the Recollection Room; the largest map in terms of file size was the Mod Shop. The Mod Shop map actually has the entirety of Moddy’s Gathering’s events in it so it’s no surprise. Jayce’s Apartment is now roughly 2.5x~ the size of the Mod Shop. A lot of this is alternate routes housing their own events (a lot of which I imagine might be unnecessary but my brain is completely pickled, I’m genuinely finding it hard to think straight) but I think this is one of the biggest updates I’ve done as far as writing goes and that’s mostly to accommodate the choices available.

When I was skimming through at speed-runner pace each route takes around 16 minutes to complete so if you’re reading and viewing both major routes there should be well over an hour of content in here.

Like I said it’s quite complicated but here’s a “quick” breakdown of what’s in here:

-P3 Interlude:

This is where Danny is yeeted or embraced. I made a mistake in the previous version so expect a little popup box during this event to correct that mistake. This will be removed in the next version as the error’s been fixed.

-P4 Kitchen

-P4 Elevator

-P4 Sofa

The P4 events are short and sweet, I think the party and it’s characters are already established enough so these events are simply paving the way into the next event which is..

-Gina’s Game:

2 primary routes (Danny Stays / Danny Leaves) – these begin similarly but transform quite quickly after 20 or so CGs. There are Cheating / Sharing variations in both, mostly in the Danny Stays version (this might change which is another reason to save on a new slot) but once you’ve played both Stays / Leaves you can assume you’ve seen most of the visual content.

At the end of GG P1 Lisa gets a dare to move elsewhere. This dare is shared between both routes but the way in which it unfolds is quite different so they’re both worth playing. This event is extended compared to the rest of GG and hopefully it’s exciting! There are still a lot of crossover CGs in this dare between the routes but I think it’s worth playing all of them.

-Exploration Events

After GG P1 you’re free to have a look around for a bit, there are currently three (to be four in the next patch) scenes to find here, they are all signposted with heart bubbles making them basically impossible to miss. One is for leaves, one for stays and one that’s shared between both. Each of these have their own variations but this is again mostly dialogue differences with the exception of one.

And that’s the end of current content. The next big patch will see Lisa getting changed into some pajamas then continuing with the final phase of GG. This phase branches even further with routes like Danny Stays + Cheating having extremely different outcomes. These routes then lead to the final scenes, will Lisa stay at the party? Will she go home? Will she end up in bed with one, two, three, four of the party crew? So much to do but it’s close ^_^

The fun news about the remainder of JP is that basically every scene from this point is a sex scene so even though there’s a ton left to do, it’s all H scene from here x)

I kind of wish I had time to finish JP before doing a release because I feel like things are still likely to be moved around based on the final scenes, I wanna give you guys options rather than have a string of choices leading you to one destination that was unbeknownst to you when you started. I will of course do this, it just makes it more difficult doing things this way but there’s reason #3 to back up that save file!

When’s the next update? The usual “I’m not sure” but it’s in my best interest to finish Jayce’s Party ASAP because I really feel like I need a break. I won’t take any time off until it’s finished but upon completion I’ll be taking like five days or I dunno, maybe a week off. I’ve been grinding Lisa for almost three years now and I could probably count on one hand the amount of days I haven’t worked on the game. I think it might actually be helpful to my development as well, I always found when playing an instrument that if I stopped playing for a few days before picking it up again that I’d actually learn things faster and play better. This of course meant stopping playing which is something I found difficult (and still do obviously ^_^ I’m a “burn the wick at both ends” type of guy lol!).

Anyway that’s it from me today. I’ll be hanging around for 10 minutes just to confirm things are working but after that I’ll probably not speak to you guys until Tuesday but I hope you enjoy the patch, definitely visit that Recollection Room and play everything and most importantly have fun <3!!



– Extract to the desired location.
– Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

Game Info:

Tags: 3DCG, Female centered game

Release date: 2024-02-17

Developer/Publisher: PaleGrass

Game Engine: RPGM

Censorship: Uncensored

Version: 2.90b [Ongoing]

Platform: Windows, Android (APK), MAC

Language: English


3DCG, Anal Sex, Big Ass, Big Tits, Bukkake, Cheating, Corruption, Creampie, Drugs, Exhibitionism, Female Protagonist, Futa/trans, Graphic Violence, Groping, Group Sex, Handjob, Humiliation, Incest, Interracial, Lesbian, Milf, NTR, Oral Sex, Force, Sex Toys, Sexual Harassment, Stripping, Swinging, Teasing, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism.

Lisa Walkthrough


HD Media


Lisa Game Download

– PC/Windows


Size: 1.81 GB



Size: 716 MB


Android (APK)


Size: 740 MB

Link: MEGA

Touch screen usage:

  • the <esc> key and therefore opening the game menu is emulated with tapping with 2 fingers on the screen.
  • you can also toggle the textbox with a two-finger-tap™.
  • to open the message back-log use either the game menu entry or swipe left during dialogue/choice/input.
    with swiping up/down you can scroll the log page wise.
    you close the log by swiping right.
  • if you don’t want the autosave to happen with every map transfer, disable it in options.
    keep in mind, when enabled it uses the previous save slot 1 (now Autosave). an old save file there might get overwritten.
  • you can toggle the “Slow Text” plugin in options.

*This is an unofficial Android port, download at your own risk.



Size: 1.91 GB




Size: 1.35 GB (v2.853)


Game Credits

PaleGrass PatreonSubscribestar

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