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About “Family Affair” Game

The story of the game tells us about the life of the Robertson family, in which passion, lies, and misunderstanding are intertwined.

The protagonist of the game, a college student, young and lustful, plunges into a quagmire of puberty with accompanying vices.

The main character is destined to meet with many interesting personalities (including hot chicks, where without it), vivid situations, and difficult decisions.

Where will the Family Affair take you personally?


Day 27 v0.121fix
The new update will tell us an updated story of Eva and some new characters.
Attention, Only girls with dicks content.

Day 27 v0.120fix
The new update will let you get a deeper (hehe) insight into the story of our all-time favorite Emma!
And for our fans of dominant sausage girls, the story of Natasha and her new friends!

Day 26 – v0.119Syd

A new chapter of Max’s story from Family Affairs has been released!
A short story dedicated to Syd and some interesting stories from Max’s past!
Everything you love!
Attention, the update contains only Trans content!
325 new pictures are waiting for you!

Day 25 – v0.118fix

Fresh and hot update on the MC’s adventure!
What’s in store for him? Hot moms and sisters? Of course! Other girls with vaginas? Definitely. Girls with more than vaginas? Absolutely! The beginning of a new, alternate plot branch where the MC finds a job to his liking and finally moves out of his mom’s apartment? Maybe.
616 new pictures are waiting for you!



– Extract to the desired location.
– Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

Incest Patch: Throw in the ” game” folder with the replacement. ( Mac –\Contents\Resources\autorun\game) Or In the game folder, run the file ” love_patch.rpy” and just change False to True.

Solutions to launch problems:

“I was having a mac crash (the game crashed without loading) and did some research. The game will launch from the Applications folder or you can use the terminal and (in the directory of the game) write: xattr -d “

Game Info:

Tags: 3DCG, Visual Novel

Release date: 2024-07-04

Developer/Publisher: PandaLover

Game Engine: Ren’Py

Censorship: Uncensored

Version: 0.121 [Ongoing]

Platform: Windows, Android (APK), MAC, Linux

Language: English, Russian


3DCG, Anal Sex, Animated, Creampie, Futa/trans, Group Sex, Handjob, Incest, Lesbian, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Milf, Mobile Game, NTR, Oral Sex, Prostitution, Sex Toys, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism, Threesome, Trap, Multiple penetration.

Family Affair Walkthrough


Saves link

Universal Incest PatchMega – G-drive

Gallery MODMEGAInstall: You have to cut files and folders in cheat zip and replace the in original game folder.

Week 3 (Episode 3)

Love Patch


Q. So, there are two versions of the game available for download Week1(0.73) , Week2(73+) and Week3(0.104+), as well as Lovepatch and fix versions which should I choose?

At the moment, the game has three episodes, Week1(0.73) , Week2(73-0.103) and Week3(0.104+)
The story and getting to know the characters starts in Week1 and continues with the following weeks (Week2, 3, etc.).

Week one and week 2 are separate games. So you have to download and play week 1 first then week 2 after playing week 1.

Lovepatch – this is the good old incest patch, which should be put in the game folder (all Android versions are patched already)

Lovepatch is universal, works with all parts of the game.
Fix is the version that fixed the oddities of the release version (This is the version you should play)

Q. Are the futa/trans paths optional?

Yes. At the beginning of the game, you can choose whether you want the game to have futa/trans content.

Q. Is there an NTR in this game? Is there a lot of it? Can it be skipped?

There are two scenes in the game in which there is not only the MC and his partner, but also a third character.
In the first scene a woman eats another woman’s pussy and then invites the MC to continue.

In the second scene (which you are warned about and given two options to skip the scene) the man eats your friend’s pussy for a couple of pictures, then sees you and leaves. If this is enough to consider that there is NTR in the game, then yes, there probably is.


HD Media


Family Affair Game Download

Windows / Linux


Week 3 (Episode 3) v0.121

Size: 1.34 GB



Size: 796 MB


Week 2 (Episode 2)

Size: 720 MB



Size: 500 MB


Week 1 (Episode 1)

Size: 1.40 GB



Size: 420 MB


Android (APK)


Week 3 (Episode 3) v0.121

Size: 1.35 GB



Week 2 (Episode 2)

Size: 800 MB (Patched)


Week 1 (Episode 1)

Size: 478 MB




Week 3 (Episode 3) v0.121

Size: 1.34 GB



Size: 790 MB



Week 2 (Episode 2)

Size: 686 MB



Size: 385 MB


Week 1 (Episode 1)

Size: 1.37 GB



Size: 380 MB


Game Credits

PandaLover PatreonSubscribeStarDiscordBuymeacoffee

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