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About VampYou Games Memorial SiteRip

Complete collection of Vampire themed Transformation and corruption Games from the now defunct

How to install?

Extract and Run.

Release date: 10 Feb, 2021

Game Engine: [SiteRip] [Others] [RPGM] [Flash]


Censorship: Uncensored

OS: Windows

Language: English


2D Game, 2DCG, Corruption, Female Protagonist, Lesbian, Male Protagonist, Paranormal, Vaginal Sex.



A Model Vampire
By Yana

The Night Job
New Yana Mini Game

Twins of Evil
By Cantraps

Vampire Animated Short 3

Yana Game – Class Change

Lucy’s Luck Vampire Animation 2

Euklb’s Vampire Animation

Vampire Animated Short 2
Video by June Harvel

Vampire Animated Short 1
Video by June Harvel

Game by Yana

Transformation in Time
Game by Yana

New Audio Fiction
Lily – Nekogrrl98: Chapter 5

Menagerie of Terror
New Game by Yana

A Date with Undeath
New Game by Yana

New Audio Fiction
Lily – Nekogrrl98: Chapter 4

Unholy Night
New Yana Game

New Audio Fiction
Lily – Nekogrrl98: Chapter 3

New Audio Fiction
Lily – Nekogrrl98: Chapter 2

New Audio Fiction
Lily – Nekogrrl98

The Cursed Cape
By Yana

Pandora’s Princesses
By Yana

Dark Depiction
By Yana

Assisting Darkness
By Yana

The Enemy Within
By Yana

Quick Bites – Episode 4
By Yana

Quick Bites – Episode 3
By Yana

Quick Bites – Episode 2
By Yana

Quick Bites – Episode 1
By Yana

Princess of Vamania

Eternity Island
By Yana

Vampire Winter
By Galaxy Pink

The Offering
By Yana

School Sucks
By Yana

Hotel from Hell
By Yana

Til Death Do Us Part
By Yana

The Vampire Game – Part 3

Harvesting the Moon

Human me

Red Zone

Bits and Pieces

Audio Fiction
Tabitha’s Diary (.rar)

Game Contest Winner
A Dark Tomb (.exe)
By Yana.

Chapter 2

The Vampire Game



The Vampire Game

Red Gingerbread

Download the Branching Narrative (.swf)
Have Shockwaze Flash Player installed and then simply drag the file into your browser. Enjoy from there!

The Blood Temple: Part 2

Sexual Fantasy Kingdom – Vampire Halloween

The Nocturnal Kingdom
Follow Princess Melidhi as she deals with her new step mother…soon to be Queen to the realm…and secretly a Vampire!

The Red Circus
A branching narrative story punctuated by gorgeous art!

The Blood Temple: Part 1
The new RPG Maker XP game from Yana and VampYou!

Mrinara’s Collection
the new RPG Maker XP game from VampYou!

Vampire Girl Quest
Written and coded by community veteran and skilled GameMaster RB9! With unique game ending art by ChaosCroc!
Prepare to enjoy a 16bit RPG with all the vampire sexiness you can handle. Try to get all 15+ endings!

Yanas’s Dress Down Flash Game

Sexual Fantasy Kingdom – Vampire Halloween

DarkFantasy Style by Daniel St. Jules of


VampYou Games Memorial SiteRip Porn Game Download

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Size: 8.6 GB

Link: Download

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