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The game focuses on destroying the family of the guy who once accused the main character of being a molester.



– Extract to the desired location.
– Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

Game Info:

Tags: 3D Game, Hentai game

Release date: 06 June, 2022

Game Engine: Unity

Developer/Publisher: Illusion

Censorship: Yes (but can be removed with the uncensored patch)

Version: 1.4 [Finished]

Platform: Windows

Language: English (patch)


3D Game, Anal sex, Animated, Blackmail, Censored, Cheating, Corruption, Creampie, Humiliation, Japanese game, Male domination, Male protagonist, MILF, Oral sex, Force, Slave, Trainer, Vaginal sex, Voiced.

PlayHome Walkthrough


MOD Pach 1

MOD Pack 2


Opening scenes: Simply do one sex action and then you can exit out of it.

After completing the 3 opening scenes you’ll be in the maxing out stats phase. At this point, you’ll be freely allowed to choose the girl, guest, and location for your H-scene. During this phase, you can unlock various features.

-First off, to progress through this phase, you must do sex acts to increase the stats. Cumming inside increases the semen stat, any sex act involving the pussy increase the pussy stats, any sex act involving the ass increases the anal stat, any sex act involving the mouth increase the mouth stat, and asking the girl mood increase the lewd/lust stat. Doing the 3P and 5P sex acts do count as multiple stats. So you may want to do those acts if you’re just interested in clearing the game as quickly as possible.

-Second, you may have noticed the ripples on the pad as you move the circle around it. These ripples mean you’re close to the “sweet spot” for that sex act and it will increase the rate at which the male/female arousal bar will rise. By maxing out a girl pussy or anal stat you can unlock the feature of having a circle appear on the pad that control the position of the H-scenes. This circle is the “sweet spot” for that sex act.

-Third, once you made each one of the girls reach exhaustion you unlock a button that will make the girl recuperate after you make her reach the point of exhaustion. This button appear in underneath the arousal bars after you made the girl reach exhaustion in that H-scene. To trigger exhaustion, simply make the girl cum 3 times in the same position, or cum together 3 times in the same position. Also it seem like the sex act must be take place at high speed in the “sweet spot,” but I’m still trying to confirm this.

NOTE: I’ve been having a hard time consistently triggering the exhaustion state while the girl is in the “level change” state. I can do it while the girl state is set to “resistant” before enter the H-scene but not in the level change state. Making the girl orgasm 3 time in the same position when in the level change state simply make the girl hang her tongue out (make an ahegao face). Also I’m trying to figure the cause to make the girl squirt herself upon orgasm. I think it reaching the exhaustion state and then making the girl orgasm at high speed while in the “sweet spot.”

-Once all the girls lust/lewd stats have been maxed you will trigger the next event. These 3 events can exited as soon as you’ve completed one sex act. Once you’ve cleared all 3 events, the girl state will be changed from resistance to “level change” (that what it listed as in the translation I’m using). At this phase, you simply must finish maxing out all the stats for each one of the girl to trigger the last event.

-The last 3 events can be exited as soon as you do 1 sex act. After this you’ve unlock free mode. Enjoy you endless sex.

Useful resources (some of them updated in real-time, I believe):

– 100% save with all the girls still virgin
– Required Plugin for Mod Support – IPA
– Uncensored Patch (requires 1.2 version)
– Male Uncensored patch
– 2K/4K Makeup & Tattoo Support
– English translation
– PlayHome English launcher
– HongFire thread
– HongFire Character sharing thread
– HongFire Mod Release thread
– AnimeSharing thread
– Illusion Cards database for PlayHome


PlayHome Game Download

Password: adugames



*Password: adugames

Size: 8.18 GB



Size: 4.22 GB



Link: Playhome_Full.rar.torrent

Link: Playhome_All-In-One_Re-Pack.torrent

Game Credits

Illusion Website

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