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Midnight Paradise Lewdlab Game

Connor is spending his young adult life carelessly, having easy access to money and pleasure.
However, after a failed year at college, his life starts to fall apart as he returns home to face the consequences and those he left behind 2 years ago. He’s met with an ultimatum: rise up to the challenges and show he’s capable or watch his future taken from him.​

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v0.23 Elite

This is a bit smaller update than usual, as it is being released 3 weeks after the previous update.
The reason for this is to fix the update schedule.
This update expands upon the end content of the girlfriends update and moves the main story forward.

– 186 new renders
– 13 new animations

– Added a sleepover scene with Eliana with multiple options
– Added a sleepover scene with Melissa
– Added a main story scene with Thorne
– Added a main story scene with some infiltration
– Added a main story scene with Amy
– Added an Elite scene with Joyce and a guest
– Added an Extra scene with Tanya

v0.21 General

This update focuses on progressing the main story, adding early game sandbox events for Ruby for easier leveling her and a higher level sandbox event in the locker room.
It marks major milestone in Sofia and Natsuko’s storylines.
– 300+ new renders
– 19 new animations
– Added Main Story scene with Connor
– Added Main Story scene with Natsuko
– Added Main Story scene with Sofia
– Added Another Main Story scene with Natsuko
– Added Ruby early game sandbox – level 1-5
– Added Sandbox Scene for Ruby in locker room – level 1-4

– Added Extra Scene with Joyce
– Added Elite Scene with Eliana

v0.20 Elite

This is a small update (as mentioned previously) focusing on building Sofia’s sandbox and developing the gym location for multiple characters to use in the future.
– 200+ new renders
– 21 new animations
– Gym location is now available
– Added Sandbox scene for Sofia in her office – level 1-3
– Added Sandbox scene for Sofia in the gym – level 1-3
– Added Sandbox scene for Sofia in the sauna – level 1-3
– Added Sandbox scene for Sofia in the club – level 1-3
– Extra Scene with Isabel
– Elite Scene with Joyce (and a surprise guest)

v0.19 Elite

This update focuses on progressing the main story of the game.
– Added a new main story scene in Connor’s office
– Added 3 new main story scenes in Harding Tower
– Added 2 new main story scenes in Sofia’s Office
– Added 2 new main story scenes in Sofia’s Home
– Added a new main story scene in Connor’s apartment
– Added a new main story scene in the Study
– Added a new main story scene in the Kitchen
– Added a new Extra Scene with Joyce and Ruby
– Added a new Elite Scene with Isabel
– Added 5 new music tracks
– Added 320 new renders
– Added 17 new animations



– Extract to the desired location.
– Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

Game Info:

Tags: 3DCG, Sandbox

Release date: 2023-11-29

Developer/Publisher: Lewdlab

Game Engine: Ren’Py

Censorship: Uncensored

Version: 0.23 Elite [Ongoing]

Platform: Windows, Android (APK), MAC, Linux

Language: English


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Midnight Paradise Walkthrough




Multi MOD


This mod adds an in-game walkthrough for every character and story event in the game The walkthrough menu contains dynamic guides that let you track your progress for each character and see the requirements needed to trigger their scenes and advance their story. The mod guides also show all requirements for getting all possible extra dialogue options and seeing all possible extra content during events and scenes.

Stats screen: in Main girls new feature, showing stats of the girls and Story completion bar (for their main guide) and a green check to show when there guide is completed

Clicking “objectives” or tapping the “m” key opens mod menu

Includes all of Lord Ashram’s changes (RIP), Bibifoc Gallery onlooker

My changes: stats screen, readded Night time event guides, updated guides/UI


Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod into your “Midnight Paradise” folder and click ‘replace files'(if asked to).

NOTE: The ipatch is already included adding another patch WILL CAUSE ERRORS

Download (v0.22 Elite)


Incest Patch / Sleeping Content Activate

– incest (no need to manually change relationship ingame)
– sleep stuff (grope/have sex with girls during their sleeping-time)

2 files are available:
– patch.rpyc: unlocks incest + sleep stuf
– patch_sleep_stuff_only.rpyc: Obviously, unlocks sleep stuff only

Put the file in <MP directory>/game folder.

This patch is compatible with any other mods you could use.

Link: WorkUpload

Gallery Unlocker

Install: Quick gallery unlock, put unlock_galley into game folder and 00gallery into renpy/common, to be honest don’t know if I needed to change the 00gallery file but couldn’t be bothered reverting it


Save File v0.17

This is for those who play this game from version 0.16 and the previous version. It does not contain the scenes such as night-sneaky-pervert-stuff. However, the full story has been completed.

Link: WORKUPLOAD – Put it into the save folder.

Cheat MOD Version: Universal

Add money, unlock scenes, change player’s name, change levels and incest toggle.
The mod creates a “CHEATS” button in the right bottom of the screen.​


  • Add money
  • Unlock extra scenes
  • Unlock replays
  • Change player’s name
  • Change levels
  • Incest toggle (switch incest mode on/off)
  • Disabled/enable custom game cursor


Extract the file “0x52_cheats.rpa” into the “game” folder, and start the game

Click on Cheats in bottom right to confirm succesful installation

(No need to overwrite anything. No game files have been modified)



Midnight Paradise XXX Porn Game Download

Midnight Paradise Game Download

Old save doesn’t work

Windows / Linux


Size: 5.65 GB



Size: 725 MB


Android (APK)


Size: 554 MB (v0.16)


Unofficial Android Link

Size: 678 MB (v0.22 Elite)




Size: 5.64 GB



Size: 725 MB


Game Credits

Lewdlab PatreonDiscord – Twitter

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