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About “Ilias: Alcyone Legends” Game

You live in a world where everything is decided by wealth and power, but the only thing that you’re actually good at is . . . cooking? A worthless skill, some may say. But why not use that talent to the fullest and see what happens? And romance as many cute girls as you want along the way. After all, the path to a strong woman’s heart does run through her stomach.​



  • Characters have been inserted into the backgrounds; you’ll now find characters in different locations. Not all background characters are clickable yet. The game is gradually starting to come to life.
  • The quest with the carnivorous plant now triggers the day after the prologue.
  • Implemented content skipping when starting a new game for the second+ time. If you have played the game before, you can now choose which game version to start a new game from (the prologue, 0.1, 0.2, or 0.3). Might be buggy; added last-minute.
  • Animated the drinking game with Wrenna in the tavern.
  • Animated the prologue bathroom scene with Tifa.
  • Animated the scene in which Iden’s carriage arrives at the castle.
  • Animated a new scene at the beginning of version 0.3.
  • Completed the “A Bouquet for Blaine” quest.
  • New Quest: “Convince Fisk.”
  • New Quest: “Part-Time Work with Clifford”
  • New Quest: “Admission into the Adventurers”
  • New Quest: “The Mysterious Adventurer”
  • Added partial voice acting for Clifford
  • Added partial voice acting for Fisk
  • Added partial voice acting for NPCs
  • Added partial voice acting for Gilbert
  • Added several small animations to the battle between Tifa and Lifa

New locations added:

  • The yard of Ilias’s house
  • Ilias’s room
  • Added a background for the adventurers guild

New mechanics added:

  • A new minigame with an old grandma. (At the moment, it’s impossible to lose.)
  • Added a minigame in the smithy when searching for the key

New gameplay scenes:

  • The slime attack at the beginning of 0.3.

Partial voice-acting of the characters is in progress.
A full playthrough of the new content in 0.3 takes about 30 minutes.


  • Implemented cheat codes.
  • – To activate them, talk to the carnivorous plant, choose the “Talk” option, then select “Say the Magic Words”.
  • Added a new Tifa prologue scene.
  • Added a new animated scene in the market during the prologue.
  • Added a new animated “Training with Lifa” scene.
  • Added a new background for the smithy.
  • Added a new background for Ilias’s room.
  • Added new expressions to the heroines’ sprites.
  • Enhanced the quality of Tifa’s sprite.
  • Added a button linking to the website into the menu.
  • Maybe added more bugs, but who knows!


New quests and dialog scenes:

  • “First Meeting”
  • “Find How to Get Stronger” (a series of quests)
  • “Lunch at Work”
  • “Hunting Permit”
  • “A Fondly-Remembered Dish”
  • “Roasted Meat with Vegetables for Lifa”
  • Various new conversations when Ilias increases his relationship standing with girls

New characters:

  • Lifa, the warrior
  • Harlan, the trader
  • Gilbert, the butcher
  • Clifford, the tavern keeper

New locations:

  • Yard of Ilias and Tifa’s house
  • The forest
  • The map has been redrawn from scratch!

New game mechanics:

  • Combat (WiP version)
  • Relationship system 2.0
  • Day and night cycle

New illustrated scenes:

  • Interactive scene with Lifa beneath a tree
  • Interactive scene with Blaine in her shop
  • Ilias’s first meeting with Tifa
  • A mystery swordsman at night
  • Iden on her balcony (hot scene)
  • Chibi scene of Ilias and Tifa at the market
  • Chibi scenes for part-time work
  • Chibi scene of Ilias’s first combat
  • Chibi scene of Ilias and Tifa in underbrush

Partial voice-acting of characters:

  • Wrenna – @KassioppiaVA (Kassioppia)
  • Iden – @Aife_VA ( Aife )
  • Tifa – @OpaluVA ( Opalu )
  • Lifa – @OolayTiger ( OolayTiger )
  • Blaine – @RubyRed_VA ( Ruby )
  • Fisk, Clifford, Gilbert, and most miscellaneous male voices – @IRecshun ( van E. Recshun )
  • The plant, Harlan, and a few miscellaneous male voices – Voryn

Completing the main questline of version 0.2 takes around 30-40 minutes. Completing all of the new content in 0.2 takes around 90-120 minutes.

Here’s a small guide on obtaining scenes you might miss when playing through the game (SPOILER WARNING):

  • The interactive scene with Lifa is obtainable by completing the main quest of version 0.2 (“Find How to Get Stronger”)
  • The interactive scene with Blaine is obtainable by reaching relationship level 1 – 10/10
  • The scene with Iden is viewable by clicking on the castle gate after seeing the fight between Tifa and Lifa as well as Iden’s return home in her carriage
  • The part-time work chibi scenes are obtainable by doing jobs for Wrenna, Gilbert, and Fisk
  • The chibi scenes of Ilias’s first combat, as well as the mysterious nighttime swordsman scene, take place during the “Find How to Get Stronger” storyline
  • Once Ilias ventures back outside following Tifa and Lifa’s fight, interesting rumors about the fight can be heard in the market and when visiting Blaine, Fisk, and Wrenna

March 7th Update :

  • In the Android version of the game, you had to press and hold on map locations to move — fixed!
  • Credits were displayed incorrectly after playing through 0.2 — fixed!
  • Corrected the triggering of some Tifa events. They now only trigger every other day.
  • Corrected the triggering of carnivorous plant events.
  • Corrected incorrect backgrounds sometimes appearing during dialogues.
  • Added new morning and evening icons to the town map.
  • Corrected the names of Ilias’s combat skills during his training sessions.
  • Possibly added some new bugs, so we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback!

March 14th Update:

  • Fixed overlapping text in the skills screen
  • Fixed the scene display in the gallery (the new scenes have been added)
  • Fixed the way one story quest is displayed in 0.2
  • Fixed the “Return” button not displaying properly in the English options screen
  • Fixed the way several NPC names are displayed
  • Fixed the name of the dish “Fried Purplers with Potatoes”
  • Fixed tooltips displaying incorrectly when hitting the “?” button
  • Fixed the name of the public release of the game and the displaying of names of patrons in the highest support tier in the credits
  • Renamed the “Extra Content” section to “Bonus Content” in the English translation
  • Possibly added new bugs; player feedback on the update would be greatly appreciated!

v0.1 Demo

In Version 0.1, we’re introduced to the fantasy world of Alcyone and some of its colorful inhabitants, including Illias, the hero of our tale. Illias has just come of age, and the (relative) quiet of his day-to-day life shows signs of coming to an end. An unexpected guest is coming, a major festival is on the horizon, and members of the opposite sex are starting to look at Illias in a new way.

Version 0.1, “Demo,” Patch Notes:

  • Added the prologue
  • Added quest: “First Time Fishing”
  • Added quest: “Curing the Carnivorous Plant”
  • Added quest: “Buy Meat and Two Bottles of Cider”
  • Added quest: “Wrenna’s Good Graces”
  • Added quest: “Registering for the Festival”
  • Added incomplete quest: “A Bouquet for Blaine”
  • Added incomplete quest: “Inquire about the Woman from the Flyer”

Added the following characters:

  • Illias, the protagonist
  • Tifa, the demoness
  • Wrenna, the blacksmith
  • Fisk, the fisherman
  • Eraina Iden
  • Lifa, the warrior
  • Blaine, the trader woman

Added the following new locations:

  • Illias and Tifa’s home
  • Smithy
  • Fisherman’s house
  • Market
  • Castle gates
  • Tavern

Added the following game mechanics:

  • Blacksmithing
  • Fishing
  • Trading
  • Food orders
  • Drinking contest with Wrenna
  • Relationship system (rudimentary mechanics)

New scenes in the game:

  • “Good morning” scene with Tifa
  • Three chibi scenes in the market
  • First meeting with Wrenna scene (X-ray)
  • Eraina Iden’s homecoming scene
  • Tifa’s fight scene
  • 0.1 finale scene
  • Awakening scene
  • Bath scene with Tifa
  • Two chibi scenes with the carnivorous plant

Partial voice acting for the following characters:

  • Wrenna — @KassioppiaVA (Kassioppia)
  • Iden — @Aife_VA (Aife)
  • Tifa — @OpaluVA (Opalu)
  • Lifa — @OolayTiger (OolayTiger)
  • Blaine — @RubyRed_VA (Ruby)
  • Fisk and assorted male voices — @IRecshun (van E. Recshun)

Completing the main storyline from start to finish takes 20-30 minutes. Fully exploring all the game’s current content takes roughly 60-90 minutes.

Here’s a little guide to getting some scenes that might be missed when playing through the game (SPOILER WARNING):

  • The scene with Iden can be triggered by visiting the castle after completing “Wrenna’s Good Graces.”
  • Chibi scenes with the carnivorous plant are accessible after completing “Wrenna’s Good Graces” and curing the plant.
  • The beginning of the incomplete “Inquire about the Woman from the Flyer” quest can be triggered by talking to the guards at the castle after Iden’s homecoming.
  • The “Curing the Carnivorous Plant” quest will start a few days after completing “Wrenna’s Good Graces.”
  • After meeting Iden for the first time, interesting rumors can be heard at the tavern, then at the market, and then at the tavern again.



– Extract to the desired location.
– Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

Game Info:

Tags: 2DCG, Sandbox

Release date: 2024-05-10

Developer/Publisher: Ozecat

Game Engine: Ren’Py

Censorship: Uncensored

Version: 0.3 [Ongoing]

Platform: Windows, Android (APK), MAC, Linux

Language: English, Russian

Voices: English


2DCG, Animated, Big Tits, Fantasy, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Point & Click, Puzzle, RPG, Sandbox, Exhibitionism, Monster Girl, Romance, Teasing, Voyeurism, Voiced.

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