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Hazumi and Pregnation


Hazumi and Pregnation Version: 1.7.1 Adult Porn Game Download For Windows, Android (APK) with Walkthrough. Download And Play Free 18+ Adult Sex Games Only On 18AdultGames.

About​ Hazumi and Pregnation

A large titty girl that gets pregnant and gives birth a lot!
A game about Hazumi with prostitution, pregnancy, and life elements.​



Extract and run.

Tags: 2DCG, Japanese Game

Release date: 28 September, 2021

Game Engine: RPGM

Developer/Publisher: Mihiraghi

Censorship: Uncensored

Version: 1.7.1 [Finished]

OS: Windows, Android

Language: English


2D game, 2DCG, Big tits, Censored, Creampie, Female protagonist, Internal view, Japanese game, Lactation, Mobile game, Oral sex, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Simulator, Vaginal sex, Virgin.

Walkthrough and Guide


List of mods

Fully-Modded: The order (oldest to newest) that I extracted the NamelessDev mods in:

1. Birth Delayer
2. Extra Overdue Dialogs
3. Slum Madam+Overdue Lover
4. Lactation Consultant Nurse
5. Ahegao
6. New Clothes
7. AiO+Quintuplets+Gyaru+sprite
8. baby kick
9. CumFlation
10. Contraction Preventer
11. Mad Doctor + Ultra Ovulation Inducer

Every mod extracted to the “www” folder. I pressed “Yes to All” when asked “Would you like to replace the existing file“.

I have NOT tested the game with this configuration (I forgot the original installation order so I restarted with a fresh copy of the game). If I got anything wrong please don’t be mad I will be happy to make corrections.

Here is the modded game.

Developer Notes:

* Situations:
Pregnant, Pregnant Progress, Giving birth, Prostitute, Creampie, Blowjobs, Cross-sectional Uterus/Vagina.
No battles, No Consensual Sex.

* Recommended for you:
– If you want to impregnate a girl.
– or if you want to be a girl and get pregnant.
– If increasing numbers give you pleasure.
– If you like to Window shop.

* Not recommended:
– If you do not like the following situation:
Menstruation, Morning Sickness, Giving birth.
– If you expect a spectacular story.

* Functions
Various Game Options:
– Change Message Display Speed
– Skip Messages
– Hide Message Window
– Show Message History
– Make Shortcut Key
– Can Save & Load at Anytime
And more!
Now you no longer need to get irritated!

Toggle ON/OFF switches:
– View Cross-Sectional Uterus
– Black Nipples / Or don’t show Black Nipples
– See Birth / Or don’t show Birth
– See Flabby belly / Or don’t show Flabby Belly


Hazumi and Pregnation Porn Game Download

Download Hazumi and Pregnation



Size: 245 MB


Android (APK)


Size: 202 MB


Game Credits


Enjoy and play this Hazumi and Pregnation Version: 1.7.1 Adult Sex Game Download Game. Also, Join my Telegram channel to get updated with new games and new versions.



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