Choice of Fate [v0.05]


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About “Choice of Fate” Game

You have been away for 8 years in the military. You are learning to adapt to civilian life. You’ve returned to a home with people you don’t even know anymore. You have changed. They have changed. What path will you choose? Choices matter.​



Initial Release



– Extract to the desired location.
– Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

Game Info:

Tags: 3DCG, Visual Novel

Release date: 2023-07-12

Developer/Publisher: Reinman2001

Game Engine: Ren’Py

Censorship: Uncensored

Version: 0.05 [Ongoing]

Platform: Windows, Android (APK), MAC, Linux

Language: English


3DCG, Incest, Male Protagonist, No Sexual Content.

Planned Tags: Force (avoidable), Sleeping (avoidable), Drugs (Will be seen, but you don’t have to use them), Male Domination, Animated, Voiced, Graphic Violence

Choice of Fate Walkthrough


Developer Notes:

This is my first Ren’Py and Daz project. I am new to both and learning. I plan to release this game for free. I may make a Patreon to assist in paying for assets for the game, but will not “paywall” content. I work a normal job and will be working on this in my free time. So, please be patient and I will pump out content as fast as knowledge expands. I plan to add A LOT, but I have to learn how to do it first.

That being said, this is only an “Intro” to the game. I will be hopefully adding more this weekend. Do not download if you are looking for a long game. This will only take you about 15-20 minutes. There is no sexual content YET. Still figuring out Daz animations.

There is no incest in the writing. BUT!! I have given you the ability to change all relationships at the beginning, so no incest patch needed. Incest will be your choice alone. I plan for this game to be almost completely choice driven.

Constructive criticism welcome!



Choice of Fate Game Download

Windows / Linux


Size: 205 MB


Android (APK)


Size: 218 MB


*My Android Ports have a 2nd Persistent save location. So, even if you uninstall the game, the saves will remain Intact.

*Saves location: Storage/0011/Game-name



Size: 200 MB


Game Credits


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