Big Brother [v0.13.0.007] Cheat Mod

I will tell you how to use Cheat Code to increase your chances of winning the Big Brother Game Cheat Mod [V:]. Follow My Steps.

Download The Code

Download: File

Extract File

After Downloading the file, extract it.

Download Game If You Don’t Have

Download The Game If You Don’t Have.

Big Brother Game Download

Copy/Paste (.txt file)

Go into that folder of cheat codes. Copy The File And Paste It Into The Folder Of the Game (Big Brother). That’s It.

How To Use Cheat Method

  1. Open the Game.
  2. Go to Max PC, and Open the laptop, There You Will See Cheat Method.
  3. There You can Increase/Decrease the Authority, Mood, and Relationship.
  4. Also, you can add 10,000$ to Max’s pocket to buy anything.

Attention: If You Want To Play Game According To You, Then Only Add Money (10,000$ + more According to you). Otherwise, You can’t Get Experience Of the Game From Starting.

Disclaimer: This “Big Brother Cheat Mod” is not made by us (18AdultGames). These MODs (which are present on our website) are made by maybe real developers or fan-made. This mod will help you to play the game very easy-going way. With this Cheat Mod, You can increase and decrease many things in your game such as Money, Love/Hate points, Domination & Submission Points, etc. I played many porn games and when I use these types of Cheat mods they help me so much to reach the end without repeating the same process daily in the games.

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